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16 Classes You Wish You Had to Prepare for Vet Med

Samantha Toy, RVT Oct 23, 2017 10:17:32 AM Veterinary

From Anatomy to Zoology, there are countless classes we sit through in our quest to become a veterinary professional.  What nobody talks about is the classes we WISH we had to really prepare us for life in the veterinary clinic.  Here are our top picks for classes that should be included in the course manual.



1.  Choosing the right work shoe


2. Eating with a tongue depressor 101


3. Methods for staying away on your day off


4. Fashion tips: Taking your scrubs from day to night


5. Excess pet prevention: Avoiding "Cat Lady" syndrome


6. Patience-building techniques for dealing with IV pumps


7. Vet tech hair: Mastering the messy bun


8. What's on my scrubs?  The 3 P's of scent detection: Pus, Parvo, and Pseudomonas (wet lab)


9. Avoiding the bite: reflex improvement techniques


10. How to eat with one hand and type with the other


11. "If you're leaning, you should be cleaning": Phrases to motivate your staff (and those that won't)


12. Is this normal?  Identifying zoonosis in your co-workers


13. Tried and tested cat burrito techniques


14. Working off the client-Christmas-cookie pounds


15. Keeping up with Dr. Google trends


16. Do I know you? How to handle random Facebook pet advice requests


What classes do you wish you had available to you in school? If one of them is how to go paperless without your whole team going crazy, we can help with that one (and maybe #7, we've got that one down). Check us out in a real hospital! 



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