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26 things you could be doing instead of scanning

Samantha Toy, RVT Dec 19, 2017 12:39:00 PM Veterinary

If your practice hasn't gone fully paperless, chances are that your team spends a part of their day scanning.  It's probably something nobody thinks about; it's just a part of their day and they do it because it needs to be done. 

Imagine if there was NO scanning to be done.  No more paper anesthetic sheets, patient info sheets, boarding forms, surgical and euthanasia consent forms, etc. Even if your team spends 15 mins a day scanning, that's 75 minutes a week they could be spending doing something else.  What else, you ask?  Here are some ideas!

1.  Doing patient follow up calls


2. Organizing instruments



3. Working on clinic social media


4. Eating lunch (gasp!)


5. Writing a clinic newsletter


6. Reading veterinary articles


7. Planning a clinic open house


8. Taking regular bathroom breaks (another gasp!)


9. Working on continuing education courses


10. Spending TLC time with patients


11. Being able to clean up between patients without having to rush


12. Working on a fundraiser for a local charity


13. Learning or teaching new skills 


14. Planning regular staff meetings


15. Keeping up with clinic email


16. Finishing a cup of coffee before it goes cold


17. Prepping for the next day's procedures


18. Organizing the scary storage closet (so things can actually be found easily)


19. Planning team building exercises (and actually doing them!)


20. Sorting the ET tubes and properly leak testing all of them


21. Catching up on laundry


22. Anesthetic machine maintenance


23. A team exercise session (tai chi, yoga, or if you're feeling frisky, zumba!)


24. Implementing (or improving) rounds sessions


25. Creating enrichment items (toys, beds, cardboard houses) for your hospitalized or boarding cases


26. Creating vet wrap art - clients LOVE this!


By going paperless, you're not just saving trees and helping patients, you're helping your team save time and allowing them to do things they are meant to be doing (NOT scanning papers!)


What other ideas do you have for your team? 


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