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4 Reasons to Switch Your Veterinary Practice Management Software Now!

Jada Lewis, CVT Jul 23, 2015 3:00:00 PM veterinary software


Learning and utilizing a new veterinary management software can be one of the most daunting tasks facing any practice across the globe. Let’s face it, software is boring, requires paying attention to detail and always seems to cause headaches. The great thing about software is that it is always changing for the better. If you even have the notion to consider switching your veterinary pratice management software, please consider these next points to help make your decision a little more clear.

You should switch your veterinary practice management software if:

1. You are not in the cloud

veterinary software

We’ve managed to reach a point in time where we do not need to depend on servers anymore. Cloud-based veterinary management software allows you to access your records at anytime on any device. This means that your fancy, expensive server is history and so is your pricey support service.

Other fantastic cloud features include easier "bug" fixes, no servers needed, no need to backup your data, faster updates, no initial hardware cost (just use your existing computer stations) and did I mention NO servers!

2. You spend more time with it than your patients

shutterstock_201441431Your patients deserve your full and undivided attention. So many times I hear that staff is spending too much time engrossed in their practice management system than with patients. Your system should be smooth, cover all your needs, and you should spend a much smaller amount of time with it compared to your patients.

3. Your requests are not being heard

No two clinics function exactly the same and therefore your software needs to be flexible enough to fit your workflow. If you have requested the same feature over the years and have yet to receive a resolution, is your software company really working for you? While it is understandable that they cannot accommodate all requests, there should be a proper work around for your situation. 

4. There are few to no integrations

Integrated products are becoming more and more popular. These range from accounting tools (like Quickbooks or Xero) to your in-house lab equipment (like Idexx, Heska or Abaxis) to your flow sheets (of course, Smart Flow Sheet). The biggest advantage to integrations is that is ultimately saves you time and leads to better organizational and billing practices.



If any or all these situations apply to you, then my friend, it is time to take a serious look at switching your veterinary management software. It may not be a fun task, but most companies will offer a free online demo and trial period. 

Are you satisfied with your management software?


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