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4 Ways SmartFlow’s Digital Whiteboard Will Make Your Hospital Workflow More Efficient

Angela Beal, DVM Jan 13, 2020 10:00:00 AM

SmartFlow is a complete workflow optimization system that refines your hospital’s communication and efficiency. Its proprietary tools encompass your hospital’s entire workflow, from check-in to patient follow-up. A critical component of SmartFlow’s system is a whiteboard function that makes team communication a breeze.

SmartFlow’s digital whiteboards are large screens located throughout your hospital, such as in the outpatient, treatment, and surgery areas, that keep your team updated about patients. The information displayed on them is customizable. With a quick glance, team members see which patients are ready to be examined, have upcoming treatments, or are currently in surgery.

Your hospital may already use some version of a whiteboard including some that are a part of the practice information management system (PIMS). Here are four benefits that SmartFlow hospitals enjoy, and your team will love:

#1: Better outpatient appointment flow

The outpatient whiteboard is mounted in a central area where appointments are seen. The entire team can see all steps within the process, allowing appointments to flow more smoothly. The team can see:

  • When the receptionist checks in a new patient ready for an examination room.
  • When the veterinary technician takes a history and checks off the task, letting the veterinarian know the pet is ready to be examined.
  • When the veterinarian enters tasks, such as diagnostic tests or medication preparation, that need to be completed before the patient leaves.

With SmartFlow’s digital whiteboard, your hospital can easily shave minutes from each appointment, which can quickly add up to extra hours of time each day to get more done. Plus, you will never have to decipher the handwriting of a colleague again.

#2: No more missed treatments

In your hospital’s treatment area, another large digital whiteboard will display inpatient treatments. When treatments are administered, team members use the touch screen to check them off as completed. Busy veterinarians add new treatments with a portable iPad, so they can’t forget to alert support staff to the change. All team members can see the whiteboard, so they can plan their day to ensure treatments are completed on time. If a treatment is missed, a whiteboard alert flashes red until the task is completed and checked off. Multiple missed treatments are prioritized so your team can complete them efficiently.

#3: Smoother surgery days

SmartFlow’s digital surgery whiteboard keeps all of your hospital’s surgical tasks on track. By glancing at the surgery whiteboard, a portable iPad, or a remote monitor, all team members throughout the hospital know each surgical patient’s status:

  • Veterinary technicians know which patients need an IV catheter placed or premedications administered.
  • Veterinarians know which patients are ready for induction.
  • Client service representatives know exactly what to tell concerned owners who call for updates and can provide up-to-the-minute updates.

#4: Portable patient updates

All SmartFlow whiteboard screens can be viewed on portable iPads and remote screens in different parts of the hospital, or even in a separate building. The ability of all team members throughout the hospital to see various screens wherever they are improves communication and efficiency:

  • Veterinarians on the other side of the hospital see when an outpatient is ready to be examined.
  • Veterinary technicians refer to the iPad to see which diagnostic tests the veterinarian has ordered.
  • Client care representatives see that a surgical patient has fully recovered, has had its IV catheter removed, and is ready for discharge.

SmartFlow’s digital whiteboard automatically updates every few seconds, so you can be confident that what your team sees on their screens is accurate and current. It can help to optimize your hospital’s communication and efficiency, which lets everyone get more out of each day.

Watch the webinar to learn more about how SmartFlow can make your hospital’s workflow more efficient.


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