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5 Reasons Why Feline Friendly Practices Rock!

Anna Kovacs, RVT Nov 5, 2015 1:00:00 PM
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As some of you know, I have a few very special families: veterinary families that is. One of these is what I affectionately call my 'cat clinic family'.  Although no longer a cat-only clinic, my part time job for several years now, was, and is, a very unique place. Yes, feline practices are where you have a saturation of crazy cat owners and even crazier staff with kitty paraphernalia everywhere. It's also a place of comfort for patients, staff, and owners alike. Here are 5 reasons why your kitty patients and staff alike will thank you for making your practice more Feline Friendly!

1. Happier Kitties = Happier Clients
practice management softwareHow many of you have kitty clients that apologize for their cat's behaviour before you have even touched Fluffy? Creating less stress for our feline patients will also lower that owner's blood pressure, allowing them to focus on the visit more, and increase compliance with annual exams that they have avoided in the past. What better way to work on your client retention than to offer a situation where their cat can be more thoroughly examined, and they are no longer dreading each visit? (Check out our blog on what we wish our clients WOULD say)

2. Set Yourself Apart 
The AAFP offers a program and materials to display that you are a Feline Friendly practice. This is a great way to set yourself apart from the surrounding clinics, and to show that you have some unique services for your patients. This will not only benefit your patients and clients, but makes plain business sense!

3. Crazy Cat Lady Magnet
As much as we joke about crazy cat people, the truth is that they are the type of clients who would do anything for their cats. So what if you have to listen to the story of how Mrs. Smith rescued Ziggy from the streets and starvation for the zillionth time? In most situations these clients will be the ones that will not only follow your recommendations, but will keep coming back. The added bonus is that Mrs. Smith most likely does not only have one cat, but multiple, along with at least a few friends who most likely are just as dedicated to their feline companions as she is. 

4. Staff Satisfaction = Superior PracticeSmart Flow Sheet
Have you ever walked into a medical office such as your dentist or physician and felt the tension amongst staff as soon as you stepped in? Creating a practice where morale is high, stress is low, and where your staff have pride in what they do will really help create a palpable difference. Be that clinic that strives to better their patient and client comfort, thus creating a superior work environment for your staff!

5. Kitties Will Thank You
Cats are not small dogs, as much as they are still often treated as such. Bringing awareness to the fact that cats have different needs for care, medicine, and environment, will make for happier and healthier feline patients. Feline friendly practices typically will have more to offer their clients on behaviour modification, enrichment, and create a different type of client-patient-clinic bond.

We would love to hear some other reasons you think that clinics would benefit from becoming more feline friendly, and how it has changed your practice for the better once your clinic made the adjustments!

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