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5 Reasons Why You Need an Electronic Anesthetic Sheet

Jada Lewis, CVT Jul 14, 2016 9:00:00 AM
For some veterinary professionals out there, you don't even need to hear one reason to use an electronic anesthetic sheet. You are already sold on the idea. In case you are not completely sold on technology or anything electronic, just take a minute to review the reasons why you and your staff would benefit from an electronic anesthetic sheet

1. You are sick of writing the same thing a hundred times

It is likely that you do many of the same anesthetic procedures day in and day out. Why not keep all of your regular doses and medications saved as a template? It is super easy to do. The video below explains it all. 

2. You probably have bad handwriting

Even people with the best handwriting get lazy or incorrectly markup a graph. Why subject yourself or your staff to messy graphs? An electronic anesthetic sheet makes everything easy ready and quite frankly, just plain pretty.


3. You may have misplaced a sheet in the past

Has your anesthetic ever gone missing? That is just one more reason why using an electronic sheet is justifiable. Your sheets will always be saved and always be accessible.

4. You want more hands-on time with the patient

Charting vitals every 5 minutes seems like an easy task, except when you add the nuisance of fixing the beeping SP02 monitor, searching for the pulse on the doppler or grabbing another scalpel for the doctor.  Adding vitals on an anesthetic sheets take little or in some cases, no time at all - if you are integrated with the anesthetic monitor itself.


5. You want accuracy

Whether it is the pre-anesthetic drugs doses, emergency drug doses or a beautiful graph, you yearn for accuracy. The Smart Flow Electronic Anesthetic Sheet provides all of this.

In the end, the wave of the future is here and that wave includes an electronic anesthetic sheet. Not only do you need this, but you definitely want it.

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