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5 Veterinary Accessories You Need

Jada Lewis, CVT Jan 5, 2016 1:00:00 PM Veterinary

If you were on the nice list this year, you might have ended up with a few gift cards or some cash after Christmas. This is a great opportunity to invest in some needed/wanted veterinary swag. Here are some options for spending that holiday loot.

veterinary software


1. Bling for your stethoscope:

You may have already spent an arm and a leg to get the stethoscope of your dreams, but now it is time to make it pretty. There are several ways to bling it up. Click here for an example. 


2. Watch:

A watch is an essential tool for many veterinary staff members. Here is another way to show your pride for the industry. Click here for just one example of a rocking veterinary watch. 


veterinary software
3. Hoodie 

Who doesn't live in a warmy, cozy hoodie these days? The crazy sayings printed on the back give it the ultimate edge every veterinary staff member can appreciate. People have become so creative with sayings, that there is literally something for everyone.

Here is just one great example.



4. Personalized beverage holder:

smart flow sheetAfter a long, stressful week, there is nothing that takes the edge off better than a glass of wine or shot of hard liquor. Of course, now it is possible to enjoy these drinks even more with sayings only the veterinary field could appreciate. 

Wine glass option 1
Wine glass option 2
Shot glass



5. New tattoo
smart flow sheet
There are those brave souls that make their career a little more permanent. The ultimate veterinary accessory would have to be a permanent tattoo. 

Here are some great options:
An adorable wrist tattoo (if you're allowed)
Heart beat
Love and paws


There are many ways to spend that extra holiday cash and sporting a new veterinary accessory is a great way to also show your pride. Which accessory are you getting?

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