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50 Things That Go Through a Technician's Head Daily

Jada Lewis, CVT Jul 22, 2016 12:02:42 PM

 There's a thousand things that run through a technician's head daily. In the span of an 8-12 hour shift these are just some of the thoughts that go running wildly through our heads. 

1. Off to work to save lives and keep pets healthy. I love my job.
2. Is that a stray? Should I try to catch him? No, no just keep driving or you'll be late.
3. Oh boy, empty parking lot. It's going to be a slow day.
4. OMG, my co-worker is late...again, ugh.
5. 10 procedures on the board, here we go.
6. Did I put deodorant on?
7. What is that spot on my scrubs? I just got here.
8. Where is my pen? Ok, who the **** stole my pen???
9. OMG look at this mouth, it is a disaster. I can't wait to get that tartar off!
10. C'mon dog, can you breathe on your own so I can get this dental over with?
11. Why won't the stupid SP02 just read for once??
12. Next!
13. Really, what can't I place a catheter today? It must be these crappy veins.
14. Of course super tech would get it on her first try, ugh.
15. My feet hurt.
16. Pretty sure I need more coffee. 
17. This dog is super cute, if it needed a home I would totally take it!


By noon:

18. Wait a minute, I haven't peed yet.
19. Haven't eaten yet either.
20. No time for that, critical case is coming through.
21. C'mon Sparky, you will not die on my watch.
22. I definitely did not put deodorant on.
23. Why can't we save them all? 
24. This is so sad.
25. Why?!?
26. It was his time. Everything happens for a reason. 
27. Puppy appointment next. 
28. Must wipe away the tears and go. 
29. OMG this puppy breath is the best!
30. Can I just play with these puppies all day?
31. Seriously puppies, don't leave me! 
32. Food. I need food.
33. And my pen. 
34. Where is my pen????

End of day:

35. I should probably go pee now.
36. Did that vaccine appointment seriously take an hour?
37. C'mon Doc, hurry it up!
38. I wonder if the receptionists have any snacks.
39. No ma'am, your dog will not bloat because of drinking ice water.
40. Almost time to get out of here.
41. Blocked cat coming on its way in 5 minutes.
42. Looks like I won't be going anywhere for awhile.
43. There has to be cupcakes or candy around here somewhere.
44. Alright kitty, let's help you pee now.
45. It ok kitty, you'll feel better soon.
46. I could seriously fall alseep right here.
47. There's my pen. 
48. Now where's my bandage scissors.
49. I wish someone would cook me dinner.
50. In just a few hours I get to do this all over again!

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