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50 Things We Love in Veterinary Medicine

Jada Lewis, CVT Aug 31, 2016 3:23:56 PM

There are so many things to love about veterinary medicine. It may not always be puppy and kittens all day long, but we sure have some things to love about our careers. Here are 50 things to love about veterinary medicine...

50. Puppy breath
49. Kitty head bumps
48. Clean teeth
47. Euthanasia free days
46. Clients that pay their bills shutterstock_113282674-1.jpg
45. Parvo survivors
44. Free vendor samples
43. Client education
42. Scrubs
41. Puppy appointments
40. Negative Snap tests
39. Rescue pets
38. Discounted services for our own pets
37. Relationships with clients
36. Labor that doesn't require a C-Section
35. Live puppies from any type of labor
34. Passing our certification
33. Electronic Anesthetic Sheets
32. Finding a lost dog's microchip and home
31. Trimming nails that were about to be imbedded into a paw
30. Finding worms under the microscrope
29. When dogs actually eat the charcoal
28. Invoices under the estimate
27. Healthy geriatric patients
26. Benign masses
25. Electronic Whiteboards
24. Digital X-Rays
23. Cards from clients
22. Fast blood machines
21. Finishing CE for the year
20. Veterinary conferences
19. Cancer in remission
18. Not getting blood on white fur
17. Mutts
16. Wagging tails
15. Clients that listen (to us)
14. Free food 
13. Overtime paychecks
12. Cats that come out of the carrier on their own
11. Getting done on time
10. Electronic Treatment Sheets
9. Smush faced dogs
8. Saving a HBC
7. Big sloppy kisses
6. Clients with no financial restrictions
5. Pleasant online reviews
4. Kitten appointments
3. Receptionists
2. When the SP02 works
1. Happy and healthy pets

What do you love about veterinary medicine? Did it make our list?

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