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6 Ways I Ruined My Pets' Lives by Being in Vet Med

Samantha Toy, RVT May 2, 2019 11:31:00 AM Vet Tech

"It's for your own good." The sentence unconvincingly uttered by countless well-meaning parents to their children. I don't have kids, but have found myself repeating this phrase to my furry children while attempting (usually successfully) to complete a multitude of medical and grooming procedures.

I'm sure my pets wish they had been adopted by an owner who wasn't so anal retentive about vet care. Instead, they got me. Here are some reasons why my pets are less than thrilled with my career choice as a vet tech.


My pets have spent countless hours at the clinics I've worked at. Vomited once? You're coming to work. My hair elastic is missing? You're coming to work. I think I heard one of you cough? You're ALL coming to work.



"Do you want to recheck her bloodwork?" asks the vet. My cat looks up at me with super stinkeye. "It was WNL last time.... but might as well, I mean she's already HERE." Every time.




Everyone holds their cat like a baby and tell them JUST how much you love them like I do, right? Right?...... But seriously, they hate how much this animal lover loves them!


4) JUST....TAKE....THE....PILL......

Most owners just give up when they can't get meds into their animal. Not a vet tech. We are the kings and queens of compliance. You're getting that pill if it's the last thing I do, even if you, me, and the towel I'm using to burrito you are covered in a layer of peanut buttery-cheesey-slobbery goo at the end of it.




I'm sure it gets confusing for my dogs when I come home smelling like everything under the veterinary sun. The fact that we have been covered in other animals' calling cards brings out a level of canine curiosity and jealousy that cannot be matched any other way.



Does the new technician need practice restraining? Trimming nails? Cleaning ears? My pets volunteer for tribute. I mean, they're here anyway (see #1).



In the end, I know my pets have a better life because I'm a vet tech. I no longer work in practice so they do get a bit of a break now, however the smothering with love will never end!


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