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6 ways vet medicine is like going to Hogwarts

Samantha Toy, RVT Oct 13, 2017 12:54:00 PM


I have a confession to make.  I never read a page of Harry Potter until this year. Never even opened the book (or saw the movies). I can feel you judging me from here.  I know, I know.  

As I was reading the series, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my days in school and in practice and draw many similarities between my experience as a vet tech and Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts. 


There's a Dumbledore out there for everyone

It could be a seasoned technician showing you tips for a great jugular draw, a compassionate veterinarian taking you under their wing, or a veterinary social media influencer inspiring you to do your job exceptionally.  Harry wouldn’t have been the same without his beloved mentor, and we should all be thankful for that person in our lives who changes our perspective and skill set for the better. 


2.   Every clinic has a Hermione

You know the type.  The bookworm. The overachiever. The know-it-all.  The person you realize you couldn’t do your job without because their brilliance has saved your behind on more than one occassion.


3.   You begin as a clueless newbie and end up a great wizard

Let’s face it: the first year out of school is terrifying.  We enter our own Platform 9 3/4 on our way into practice and very quickly come to the realization that we have no idea what we’re doing.  But with hard work, personal challenges, and a little magic, we all become veterinary wizards in our own right.


4.   Every day is like going to Care of Magical Creatures class
Okay, so we’re not dealing with blast-ended skrewts like the Hogwarts clan, but some days it feels like they would be easier to deal with than our land-shark chihuahua patients.
Dog bite.png
5.   Never say “Voldemort”
“He who shall not be named” = “It’s been quiet today”.  Enough said.
6.   Like it or not, we all need a Snape

Just like everyone has a mentor, it’s important that we have someone who challenges us.  Sometimes, these people might even (gasp!) dislike you.  Criticism is one of the most difficult things to accept (especially if you’re the Hermione type).  In the end, accepting that those who have criticized you were unwittingly helping you all along is liberating, to say the least. Some might even say magical.


Check out our magical powers!


What do you think?  How has Harry Potter’s journey mirrored your own?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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