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8 Things in Vet Med I Swear By

Jada Lewis, CVT Jun 1, 2016 1:54:19 PM

There are many superstitions, rituals and habits that we do in veterinary medicine. Whether you fear the full moon, Friday the 13th or being jinxed, we all have things we live and swear by. These are the 8 things in Vet Med that I swear by... 

Skechers Shoes

Trust me, Skechers is not offering me any endorsements here (darn it). I simply love their memory foam shoes. They are squishy and comfy all shift long.


Unfortunately, breaks are few and far between. I sometimes find myself only getting a break when I run to the restroom. Therefore, my pockets usually contain some form of trail mix or granola bar to make it through the day.

Bandage Scissors

I always keep a pair of bandage scissors in my pocket. And guess who everyone goes to when they need something cut…?

A Hoodie

It’s like my comfort blanket, but a hoodie really makes me feel as relaxed as I can be. Unless it summer, I am happily wrapped up in my favorite hoodie. 

Not Jinxing the Shift

The last thing you ever want to hear is, “it’s not very busy tonight.” Cue the herd of V/D, GDV, HBCs, etc. Also, cue me wanting to strangle the dim wit that hasn’t learned this by now.

Life Hacks

There are so many things that can be reused in vet med, that I was able to share 2 separate blogs on them. Saving time and money is super important. Click Here for Life Hacks in Vet Med Part 1 and here for Part 2.


Giving Clients the Benefit of the Doubtshutterstock_248845105.jpg

It is very frustrating when people turn to Dr. Google, breeders, or human doctors for pet health advice. I always give them the respect and compassion they deserve for trying. In some cases, however, kindness and compassion are not enough and the brutal truth has to be handed out firmly.

Being Selective with Social Media

Unless it is family, I rarely engage people on social media about pet health. Most people would rather fight, argue or dismiss reality. It is not worth the effort or headache. I just steer clear.  

These are the things that I swear by in Vet Med. Can you add to the list?

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