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A Smart Flow Hidden Treasure: Blood Transfusions

Jada Lewis, CVT Sep 13, 2016 2:06:00 PM

It may come as no surprise (if you are a Smart Flow guru), that there are many ways to use the patient management system. Our team has found that clinics have so many different ways to approach how Smart Flow is used in their own flow of clinic events.

While we are constantly updating the system and making things even more awesome, there are some hidden treasures that some clinics are unaware of. Here is just one of the great hidden treasures to Smart Flow.

One of the most highly requested features that Smart Flow customers have been requesting is a way to track a blood transfusion. Many of our customers are in emergency medicine and track transfusions daily. 

The truth is, we already have a way to track transfusions. There is no special additional feature that needs to be created. All you need is the Anesthetic Sheet!

Since you record vitals every 5 minutes anyway, the anesthetic sheet makes this task super easy. We recommend to create a template for a simple and quick way to monitor all of your transfusions.

Plus, you can add any additional information about the transfusion into the notes sections. What could be easier than that?


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Do you have any unique ways that you use Smart Flow? We'd love to hear them!


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