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Anesthetic Sheet Medication Option

Dr. Ivan Zak Jan 14, 2016 5:10:29 PM Advisory Lounge

Hello Advisory Board Members!

With the Electronic Anesthetic Sheet: Morpheus up and running for a few months, we've had some great feedback. We would like particular feedback on the medications.

We have had several requests circulating for the medications given on the anesthetic sheet to show up and sync on the flow sheet. 

Why you want this feature:electronic anesthetic sheet

1. Easy way to find what drugs were given, at what times and in what amount after the anesthetic procedure has been completed.


Problems with this idea:

1. The flow sheet could potentially double in size with the amount of medications given. The medication section would be huge.


1. Comment below with possible solutions. Where and how would you like to view the medications given on the anesthetic sheet post-operatively. 

2. Let us know if this isn't a problem. It is easy enough to just refer back to the finalized anesthetic sheet?


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