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Carolyn Maguire

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Your Dog Ate What?! Veterinary advice

Carolyn Maguire Dec 14, 2016 5:42:01 AM Topics: Veterinary

During the Christmas season we are all advising pet owners to be careful about what they feed their animals and even the best advise cannot prevent some patients from finding delicious morsels that just aren’t meant to be eaten! While we are aware of the common offenders like, chocolate toxicity, fatty meats and crackling (pancreatitis), onions and garlic (anaemia), grapes and raisins (renal failure), we also see some interesting foreign bodies that cause a problem in a gastrointestinal system. For example:

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My Veterinary Bucket list

Carolyn Maguire Aug 25, 2016 6:00:00 PM Topics: veterinary software, Veterinary

As the months turn into years in my veterinary career, I have discovered that bucket lists were not only for personal goals but for career goals as well.

The photograph of an obviously paralysed Indonesian street dog compelled me to join the Bali Street Dog Foundation and this experience ignited something within my soul which took me further than I had ever imagined.

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Fatal Aussie Animal Pride

Carolyn Maguire Mar 30, 2016 12:59:29 PM

From killer Drop-Bears to a jellyfish that can kill you in minutes, every Aussie will tell you they are secretly proud of our killer wildlife and I’m no different. We even have the Gympie-Gympie plant that has sting so severe it has been investigated for use in biological warfare. So what animals are really going to kill you if you visit the land ‘down-under'?

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