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Dr. Ivan Zak

Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov (aka Dr. Zak) is an emergency veterinarian with extensive experience in a variety of veterinary settings. He is the CEO and founder of Smart Flow Sheet. In 2006 he was a part of a successful startup diagnostic laboratory in Russia and previously served as Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Radiology at Moscow International University. He has experience in all aspects of veterinary medicine, working in over 30 international veterinary practice settings.
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Why we don't have phone support

Dr. Ivan Zak Feb 23, 2017 11:26:32 AM Topics: Insider

We like to think that Smart Flow is pretty cool. We would also love to say that it is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. Of course that is not the case. Nothing is perfect, even the cool digital flowsheet and only virtual anesthetic sheet out there.

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Why do New Year resolutions always fail?

Dr. Ivan Zak Jan 4, 2017 1:38:52 PM Topics: Insider

Another year, another checklist of things that did not happen since last year:

  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Find a better job
  • Change the culture of the hospital

Sound familiar?

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The best Veterinary Practice Management System – is NOT Practice Management System!

Dr. Ivan Zak Dec 21, 2016 12:32:28 PM Topics: Vet Tech

Since we started with Smart Flow, I was asked many times: "Why don't you create your own Practice Management System." And my answer is: "Because I am good at saying "NO". Seth Godin in his book "the dip" describes how most successful people in this world achieved their goal because they were "quitters" – they quit everything else, but their main focus.

We took the same approach to optimization of Efficiency and creation of a true Paperless Veterinary Practice.

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Electronic Travel Sheet Design Update

Dr. Ivan Zak Mar 2, 2016 11:17:45 AM

The newest Smart Flow module, the Electronic Travel Sheet, is well into the design phase of production. We've received some feedback regarding the design and functionality. Now, we'd like to show off a few options and propose a new question.

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Anesthetic Sheet Medication Option

Dr. Ivan Zak Jan 14, 2016 5:10:29 PM Topics: Advisory Lounge

Hello Advisory Board Members!

With the Electronic Anesthetic Sheet: Morpheus up and running for a few months, we've had some great feedback. We would like particular feedback on the medications.

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Beta Release: Electronic Anesthetic Sheet

Dr. Ivan Zak Oct 10, 2015 5:25:58 PM Topics: Advisory Lounge

The BETA Electronic Anesthetic Sheet has been released! To check it out, download the latest version of the Smart Flow app on your iPad.

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Electronic Anesthetic Sheet: Emergency Drug Calculator

Dr. Ivan Zak Sep 14, 2015 1:10:09 PM Topics: Advisory Lounge

Hello Smart Flow Advisory Board. We are extremely pleased with the amount of responses we've received while developing the Electronic Anesthetic Sheet.

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Update: Electronic Anesthetic Sheet

Dr. Ivan Zak Aug 31, 2015 7:15:55 PM Topics: Advisory Lounge

It has been awhile since we've updated you on the electronic anesthetic sheet. We appreciate your patience as our developers have been very busy creating the interactive beta version. 

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Smart Flow System Security 1.0.0

Dr. Ivan Zak Aug 29, 2015 10:22:00 AM Topics: Advisory Lounge

While we are finishing first in kind Electronic Veterinary Anesthetic Sheet

This is an extensive description of Smart Flow System security feature as we see it and taken your comments into account.

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Smart Flow Security Feature

Dr. Ivan Zak Aug 24, 2015 2:11:00 PM

While the electronic anesthetic sheet is in the development phase, we would like to move on to designing the highly requested Smart Flow security feature. This will be especially useful in practices with a large number of employees and universitites. 

Smart Flow Sheet
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