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Best of 2015 Foreign Body Stories

Jada Lewis, CVT Jan 7, 2016 11:27:00 AM Veterinary

2015 was a great year for foreign body stories. We've got underwear, foam beds and hungry dogs, cats and chickens! Check out this year's best stories. 

veterinary software1. The Myth

The more veterinary professionals I meet, the more that the dog eating the mistress's undies scenario is not a legend. Although I have not witnessed it in person, I know now that there are a bunch of dogs exposing their cheating owners.

These polka dotted panties here did not belong to the wife. I guess the husband has some explaining to do!




2. The Cat Foreign Body

Cats seem to enjoy eating rubber bands, hair ties and string. That is no surprise to any cat owner.

How about this?

veterinary software

That right there is a 6 month old kitten versus an antenna. 

Next, is typical cat versus needle story. 

smart flow sheet


3. Pit Bull

Any Pittie owner knows that these dogs love toys. This guy loved his toy so much he swallowed it whole! Yummy.

veterinary softwareveterinary softwareveterinary software

4. Bedding

Sometimes, extracting the truth about a foreign body situation can be the most difficult part of the job. Grandma decided not to tell anyone for 2 days that this dog ate his foam mattreess. This was not helpful when initially trying to figure out why this pup was not eating. Fortunately all is good now. 

veterinary software

5. Zinc Toxicity

There's really no words for this one. Just one awesome picture:


6. The Close Call

The close call award has to go to the most unlikely pair. The odd couple comprised of one Boxer dog and a chicken named Beatrice worked in tandem that almost resulted in a foreign body for each pet.

veterinary softwareveterinary software

The dog decided that a tampon would make a tasty treat until it didn't agree with his tummy. Once the tampon was expelled out, Beatrice thought she would take her turn. She pranced around the farm with her prized trophy until mom chased her down before something more serious took place. Whew! What a close call.

7. Nailed it

veterinary software

This one was fortunate to pass on its own! 

What is your favorite 2015 foreign body story?

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