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Beta Release: Electronic Anesthetic Sheet

Dr. Ivan Zak Oct 10, 2015 5:25:58 PM Advisory Lounge

veterinary softwareThe BETA Electronic Anesthetic Sheet has been released! To check it out, download the latest version of the Smart Flow app on your iPad.

Here is what we need from our lovely advisory board:

1. Test it out! Please understand that it should only be tested for personal use at this stage. It is not fully functional yet to use on real patients. Make fake patients to play with the anesthetic sheet. 

2. We are working to fix the bugs, so please be sure to let us know if something isn't working properly by commenting below.

3. If the software is missing something, also please comment about it below.

Quick tips on how to use it:

1. Create a patient, then from the iPad complete a column of treatments that includes the TPR.

2. Click on menu at the top of the flow sheet and choose 'Anesthetic Sheet.'

3. Fill out the information on pre-op page and when complete, click 'Start Anesthesia' to continue.

4. To record your monitors, press and hold on the column or press and hold on the blue monitoring boxes to the right. Spend some time completing vitals, adding agents/medications/fluids to the bottom of the chart and checking out the emergency drug calculator. 

5. To complete the anesthetic sheet, stop the anesthesia timer that is located above the blue monitoring boxes. 

We rely on your feedback to create the most highly functioning and intuitive software available to veterinarians and we appreciate your suggestions. 

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