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Controversial Veterinarians in the News

Jada Lewis, CVT Feb 24, 2016 10:00:00 AM

The veterinary community is filled each year with unimaginable stories of tragedy, controversy and misuse of power. Here are a few recent stories that have us scracthing our heads. 

shutterstock_51327544.jpg1. Vet's Dogs Shot by Coyote Hunter

Veterinarian, Deanna Clark, went for a walk with her dogs that ended in tragedy. Two of her dogs were mistaken for coyotes, then shot and killed in a southern Wisconsin community. 

Controversy surrounds the situation as both dogs were wearing reflective vests and according to Clark, "Dogs, especially dogs like Gary, don't run like coyotes. They run heavy. They run loud. They run hot. They don't sound at all like coyotes."

No charges were filed in this case and many within the community are outraged. Do you think charges should have been filed? Read the full story here

2. Cat Killer Vet

Last year, a Texas vet posted on Facebook a picture of a cat she killed with a bow and arrow. Kristen Lindsey bragged openly about her first bow kill and the internet went crazy. 

k_lindsey.jpgShe has not been charged due to insufficient evidence, but a formal complain has been made to revoke her veterinary license. Should she still be allowed to practice?

Read the updated story here.


3. Opium Vet Traffickers

An on-going case in Nags Head, NC., has two vets accused of trafficking in opium or heroin. Dr. Barrett Oakes Welch and Dr. Patrice Taylor Welch are in hot water for inappropriate prescribing and misuse of prescription medications.

What do you think a fair penalty should be for the pair? Read full story here.

These stories are truly tragic and controversial. What are your thoughts surrounding these vets in the news?

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