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Electronic Anesthetic Sheet Final Pre-Op Page

Dr. Ivan Zak May 4, 2015 4:12:00 PM Advisory Lounge

After 3 versions, several comments and requests, here is the final release of the pre-op page of the electronic anesthetic sheet. 

Key features:

1. A button to take you to a separate page for emergency drug calculations

2. Drop down boxes for assistants

3. Space for PCV, TP, and BG

4. Drop down boxes for procedures, pre-meds, induction, additional meds, locals, and IV fluids

5. Extra space for your additonal comments, and a separate area for critical notes

6. Separate space for circuit type,  tidal volume, ET tube, and ET tube depth


(Click on the picture to view larger image)


electronic anesthetic sheet


Below is the built in calculator for the dose calculations:

electronic anesthetic sheet

We hope you like the new look. Your suggestions have made this process very fun and exciting!

Our next order of business will be the intraoperative page. Watch your email for those updates!


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