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How Effective Are Your Veterinary Technicians?

Samantha Toy, RVT Feb 28, 2019 2:34:00 PM Vet Tech

 We all know that vet techs have a lot of their plate.  They juggle client education, patient care, technical skills and last minute walk-in emergencies all while anticipating the needs of the doctors.

Every practice wants (and needs) their technicians to be the most effective team members they can be.  

When looking to hire or promote a head technician, don't just take seniority into account.  Look for your most effective technician to provide leadership and guidance to the next generation of team members.  Here are some hints at who these special staff members are.


1. They find shortcuts without compromising quality

Whether it's discovering "life hacks" or finding the quickest way to perform tasks, effective technicians seems to have superpowers that help them get everything done in a way that doesn't put patient care at risk. 



2. They use the latest technology

There's an app for that! Effective vet techs use technology to their benefit and may even negotiate with their manager to invest in technology that will make everyone more efficient. Some of the latest technological advances include digital forms, electronic anesthetic sheets, and so much more.


3. They ask for help

Effective techs know that flying solo isn't always the best choice.  They are not ashamed to ask for help with lifting patients, placing IV catheters, restraining difficult patients, etc. In turn, staff safety is improved, tasks are completed more quickly, and the ultimate level of patient care is provided. 



4. They know their doctors

Knowing the specific preferences of each doctor in their hospital can be crucial to saving time and being efficient. An effective technician will know each doctor’s glove size, gown size, suture preference, drug protocols, restraining techniques, history taking preference, etc. This not only saves them time, but it allows their doctors to their job more effectively as well.


5. They know dealing with people is part of the job

Anyone who becomes a vet tech with the idea that they will only deal with patients and not people is sadly mistaken.  Top notch communication skills are something that the best vet techs have in common.  This doesn't only mean being able to provide high quality client education, but also the ability to work in harmony with co-workers.



6. They are not easily distracted

You will not find an effective technician daydreaming, texting during a procedure or complaining about the day ahead. Instead, an effective tech will be optimistic about their day taking on each challenge with a great attitude (even if they are on the verge of tears). 


7. They do their job with a smile

While a smile does not equate to being effective on the surface, it can do wonders in the long run. A smile and a positive attitude can be as contagious as parvo. It can help reduce negative energy, discourage gossiping and encourage others to be motivated. An effective technician does not have time or energy to waste on the petty issues a clinic may encounter.  

What do you think makes an effective veterinary technician?

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