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How many jobs do YOU have?

Kat Milcke, RVT Jan 13, 2017 4:58:27 PM Vet Tech

How many of you out there have more than just one tech job? One part time job? Two? Three?

It seems to me that veterinary technicians tend to be workaholics, always keeping busy taking care of other people’s animals, their own, their families, and still finding time to shower. Now that’s impressive. I was talking to someone the other day who said that all of her vet tech friends that she knows have at least one other part time job. If I think about it, most of the techs I know do have two jobs (at least!).

I myself had two (at one point three), up until a little while ago, and I only am taking a (hopefully brief) hiatus on specific instructions from a (human) doctor much to my dismay! :( 

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why can we not just have one job, though likely not a Monday to Friday, job. We all know that we're not 'sitting at a desk' kind of people, we like to work with our hands and we like to do a million things at once. But why do we feel the need to have a full time and multiple part time jobs simultaneously?


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1. We're broke!

There are some obvious reasons that we do that to ourselves. Likely lack of money, or lack of ability to save money. I don’t know about you guys, but I needed to work to pay off my student loans (4 years of university and 2 years of college), pay rent, make car payments, take care of my animals, and then take care of myself if the budget allows for it. All the bills piled up and I needed to pay them down, or else I’d make myself crazy with worry. It didn’t help that my old car exploded, not even a year out of college. (RIP Jeepy, I miss you and your seat warmers all the time!). It also didn’t help that I needed to move into my own apartment. I found a cheap place, and it’s all my own, but living alone and relying on just yourself to pay for all the heat, internet, rent, food, etc can also be really stressful. And it’s also the fact that as veterinary professionals, we’re not the highest paid people around (but you all already know that), and we have a really 'terrible' habit of collecting animals, which are often onces that require lots of veterinary care (which means bills! But also means extra love)  



2. We can't sit still 

I also think that veterinary professionals can’t sit still. In the clinic we’re constantly moving, dealing with clients, patients, pulling blood, prepping/doing/monitoring surgery, cleaning up after everything is done, the list goes on and on. We really only stop when we sit down to have a look at the microscope to check for worms, count blood cells or look at urine. Or when we type notes into the computer at the end of the day. Even receptionists are constantly up and about, answering phones, putting clients/patients into rooms, getting paperwork filled out, selling food, running back and forth between ‘the back’ and the front, as they are the go between. So if we can’t sit still in clinic, who could expect us to sit still at home? I go stir crazy if I don’t get up and go do something - and I may as well work if I can’t sit still... right?



3. We love what we do

We love animals, that’s probably the main reason why we’re all workaholics. We do this for all of our little furbabies that we all care about. We want to make sure that every animal that comes into our clinic is taking care of to the best of our abilities. We’re here to be ambassadors for those who can’t speak, or tell us where it hurts, or even tell us how much it hurts. We’re ambassadors for those that need to go on that diet, or need to eat a different food. We’re there to help patients and their owners alike, through good and bad times. The job is really rewarding, and if we can do that for more than 40 hours a week? Bring it on!


At the end of the day, we’re in this for the animals, the big and the small. We’re in it for the rush of getting a jugular poke with no redirection, and getting an xray perfect on the first try. We’re in it for the love and appreciation that our patients give us. So we may overwork ourselves into an early grave by taking on two, three, four, five, jobs at once, but, it’s worth it.

After all, the fur (and non-furred) babies are why we got into this business.

If you have any questions, comments, or answers as to why we work so much, please either leave a comment below or email me at!  

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