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I Hate Paper Flow Sheets

Kat Milcke, RVT Jul 27, 2017 7:30:11 PM

Flow charts. Flow sheets. Treatment sheets. They go by many different names, but you all know what I’m talking about.

They’re tricky to make, given the many different factors. If you have to get them approved, you have to chase a vet down first - and that’s a feat on it’s own! Then there’s highlighting, and I can’t even tell you how many times I highlighted the wrong hour, and had to start all over. Doing all the calculations, remembering if that’s a q4 or q8 drug, and definitely not making any spelling mistakes, because you know your coworkers will tease you.

I always hated how messy the flowsheets get, too. If you want to communicate with someone, post its were the way to go. And if you wrote something down wrong, you had to cross it out and write the correct thing beside it in teensy handwriting. Which, speaking of handwriting, also meant that you had to try and decipher other people's handwriting, which isn't always easy as we know!


The worst part about treatment sheets for me in clinic, was always having to ruffle through a pile of them to find the one I needed. The paper flow sheets didn’t have any pictures on them, and they all looked the same, whether it was a surgical patient, or a low key medical board. There was no way to make things jump out at you, unless CAUTION was written in huge red letters on the top of the chart. And once I was done shuffling through the giant pile of clip boards, 60% of of the time the vets were squirreling them away anyway, making their notes in the office.

So what can be done about that?


Well, for one thing, you can look into Smart Flow. We can offer you completely electronic flowsheets, with built in drug calculators, that can be viewed from multiple devices and that can be created in seconds. Want to learn more?

Click HERE to book one a demo with one of our awesome Smart Flow Sales Specialists. It’s a completely free, online, live meeting, that is personalized to you and your needs in clinic. Whether that means pain points, general practice vs specialty vs emergency clinics, or even clinic size. We look forward to meeting you!

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