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Intraoperative Electronic Anesthetic Sheet Version 1.0.2

Dr. Ivan Zak May 18, 2015 11:04:00 AM Advisory Lounge

Welcome to round two of the intraoperative electronic anesthetic sheet. Click here to revisit the original verison of the intraoperative page.

Please read through the features and take a peek at the new design. Tell us again what you think!

New changes:

1. Monitor boxes moved to the right: We anticipate that our thumbs might accidentally click on the boxes, therefore we moved the boxes over to the right side.

2. Add your own parameters: you can click on the plus button to add any monitoring parameters you choose. Also, you can add the same, or different parameters towards the bottom of the sheet (below the graph) that will keep them in a table format.

For example, if you want to keep track of temperature, but you don't want to view it in a graph format, you can apply it here (the area above 'agents'). 

3. Graph or table: Choose to record the vitals via the graph or a table

4. Post-Op page: We would like to hear from you how you record your post-op notes. What do you include in them and where (separate sheet or on the monitoring sheet)?

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