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Dr. Ivan Zak Mar 6, 2015 5:23:00 PM

This post was originally published on December 01/2014 at our partner web site

It’s time to get to know a new tool for small animal practitioners caring for in-patients! At its heart, Smart Flow Sheet ( is a supercharged electronic flow sheet that brings the benefits of treatment reminders, automatic integrated billing and record keeping, and reduction of paper.

Do you think these seem like little changes, the kind not worth making? Think again. Providing a service that can better integrate and coordinate treatments can very well save the lives of your patients that can get lost in the chaos of a day at the veterinary hospital. 

Not convinced yet? How about the estimated $24,000 a year in savings veterinary hospitals gain by optimizing workflow with this system. 

electronic flow sheet

In simple terms, think of it as a “bedside sheet” (aka treatment sheet or flow sheet) but on an iPad instead of a clipboard.

Technically speaking, Smart Flow Sheet is a cloud-based application (VMD Tech note: more on cloud technology soon!).

This allows access to all of your patients’ treatment plans in real-time from any device and from anywhere, in-hospital or out); an important improvement over other in-hospital served-based products on the market.

The bottom line? Smart Flow Sheet is the first electronic treatment sheet of its kind because it is optimized for an iPad.

By design it is easy to learn, visually appealing, and accessible everywhere you go, from the patient’s cage to a doctors’ workstations.

The Smart Flow Sheet team is made up of experienced veterinary emergency room doctors who struggled with optimizing our in-patient treatments for years. Several years ago, we realized that most general practice and specialty hospitals experience the same frustrations. So we set out to build a solution.

We realized that despite years of veterinary schooling and technician training, the significant investment into facilities and diagnostic equipment, and all the knowledge and care we pour into our patients, we ultimately arrive at a particular diagnosis, prescribe medications, perform procedures, and set monitoring parameters, only to end with a flaw in the system. If we didn’t follow through on the treatment plan execution, all of those inputs were worthless.

This is exactly what Smart Flow Sheet does – it optimizes the final step of every case: treatment of the sick and injured patient.

The Nuts and Bolts of Smart Flow Sheet
electronic flow sheet

Smart Flow Sheet is a cloud-based service which is available on any device with internet connectivity. The idea is that after the patient is admitted to the hospital we create a Flow Sheet with the treatment plan.

That treatment plan can then be accessed by technicians for performing treatments, synchronized to the veterinarian’s computer and edited from either side without having to waste time searching for a physical chart throughout the hospital.

Smart Flow Sheet is an add-on to any existing practice management software system, which does not require additional equipment. We encourage you to use your existing software while integrating Smart Flow Sheet seamlessly.

How Smart Flow Sheet Can Work For You
Whether you are in a small practice or in a large referral hospital Smart Flow Sheet will add to your existing software at the exact place it falls short: in-hospital treatments.

Some of the key functions gained:
- Treatment reminders
- Interactive Whiteboard
- Automatic medical records
- Inventory used in hospital
- Built in calculator tools
- Remote access to all in-hospital patients

Smart Flow Sheet in General Practice
You operate a busy general practice with full 15-minute appointment slots on any given day. You’re busy with appointments and a cat with a urethral obstruction is admitted to the hospital. You diagnose the patient’s problem, stabilize him, relieve his obstruction, and set his treatment plan.

But as the day goes on, walk-ins complicate your already busy appointment schedule.

electronic flow sheet

Too often, the only patient in the hospital is forgotten about and scheduled treatments are delayed or missed.

Smart Flow Sheet will give you and your team structure, reminding the team of important treatments automatically so you can keep up with hospitalized patients as well as any other ongoing cases.

As you breeze in and out of appointment rooms, you glance at the Whiteboard on your iPad to get a quick update on your hospitalized cat.

Charges are never missed and inventory is simultaneously updated.

Smart Flow Sheet in Emergency/Referral Practice
You operate a large multi-service hospital with numerous in-patients and a busy referral appointment schedule.

The technicians caring for your 25 in-patients are pulled to assist with a new critical emergency. The patient is diagnosed with a GDV and the entire team is required to stabilize the patient while simultaneously preparing for surgery.

While the emergency is stabilized and during surgery, Smart Flow Sheet works in the background. Your busy team is reminded of critical treatments so that your technicians and other veterinarians on the floor can keep up to date. The treatments are automatically billed as they are performed and doctors throughout the hospital can monitor their progress and modify as necessary.

When you return from surgery – you realize that some patients have delayed treatments and you need to figure out in which order to perform them. No need to worry!

Smart Flow sheet will outline the chronology any missed treatments on the built-in Whiteboard and will help your team catch up.

Customer Support
Excellent technical support is important whenever introducing a new product to your team. Our team is available 24/7 through e-mail, iMessage, and FaceTime again– right from your iPad.

Our support is customized to your team members (technicians, veterinarians and management/IT team). Our support goals are to catch problems and fix them on the go with minimal effort from your team.

We also provide regular weekly webinars as well as real time live sessions for individual clinics to familiarize the whole team with our features.

What Happens After Registration? 

After spending 30 seconds registering, you are ready to go! No downloads, no special equipment, no servers, no long forms with the details of your practice.

Instantly, every veterinary professional in your practice has access to their patients through their mobile devices, which they already have in their pockets.

If you elected to start with a 14-day free trial, once it expires you can choose one of three subscription options:

1. Have our app on your iPad for up to 3 patients (FREE forever)
2. Have our iPad app and access on computers for up to 3 patients ($40/month)
3. Enjoy full-featured service with no limitations ($60/month)

Interested? Sign up for a FREE 14 day trial now!

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