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My Dirty Little (Veterinary Technician) Secret

Jada Lewis, CVT Jan 27, 2016 2:28:26 PM Vet Tech

Most veterinary technicians just absolutely cringe when someone says to them that it must be nice working with puppies and kittens all day. Meanwhile they just euthanized a 3 year dog with cancer, got splattered with anal glands and nearly broke their back trying to mop the 10th pile of vomit for the day.

But, you want to know my dirty little secret?

I got into veterinary medicine solely for the animals. Yup, I am one of those! I knew it wouldn't be puppies and kittens everyday, but it was not helping people or my love of science that launched me into vet tech school.

veterinary softwareIn fact, it was my love of cattle that got me interested in veterinary medicine. While I was in school getting my bachelors degree (that had nothing to do with medicine or science), I landed a part time job on a dairy farm. While my classmates were sleeping soundly, I woke up at 5am (happily) to milk cows and care for calves.

It was a job that I absolutely loved and enjoyed literally every minute of. I knew I needed to have this sort of satisfaction in my career. 

Then, after graduating with my bachelors degree (in communication and public relations) I was lost. Since I had no experience with my degree, no one wanted to hire me. I was just dumbfounded by the lack of opportunities as my college had insinuated I would be able to use my degree easily.

Now, I am not the one to sit by wayside, so within months of graduating I ended up veterinary softwareresearching jobs with animals and was introduced to the idea of being a vet tech.

Want to know my dirtier little secret?

I had absolutely no idea what a veterinary technician really did before applying to the school. All I knew was that I was going to be hands on with animals. If my teachers knew how little I was prepared for a vet tech career, they probably would have reconsidered my application!

veterinary software
Long story short, I did rather well in school, and of course graduated and passed my national exam. My initial motivations were a little shallow, but in the end the satisfaction I have gained in my career has been exactly what I was searching for. 

What were your motivations for becoming a veterinary technician?




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