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My Veterinary Bucket list

As the months turn into years in my veterinary career, I have discovered that bucket lists were not only for personal goals but for career goals as well.

The photograph of an obviously paralysed Indonesian street dog compelled me to join the Bali Street Dog Foundation and this experience ignited something within my soul which took me further than I had ever imagined.

Along with the heartbreak of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami came the opportunity to jump on a plane and help the animals left on the ground in Sri Lanka, via a program with the WorldAnimal Protection (formerly the WSPA). Tick!

After a few more trips to Indonesia and Thailand where I was part of ‘catch-neuter-release’ programs, I was asked to join Act Asia’s "Train the Trainer" program where I lectured and demonstrated feline desexing programs across Shenzhen and Beijing. Tick Tick Tick

Then Black Saturday happened.

In 7 February 2009, after years of drought and three consecutive days above 43 °C (109 °F), with the temperature peaking at 45.1 °C (113.2 °F), a series of bushfires burned across the Australian state of Victoria.

It was a total role reversal from the Fatal Aussie Animal Pride everyone normally associates with our animals down under.  Birds fell from the sky, possums and koala’s were falling out of trees. Any wallabies and Kangaroos that survived suffered horrendous burns to their feet and all species faced inevitable death from dehydration and starvation if they were not rescued.  The next 6 weeks of my life made my bucket list complete. 



So what’s on your bucket list? 

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