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12 New Year's Resolutions Veterinary Teams Can Actually Keep

Samantha Toy, RVT Dec 22, 2018 5:31:00 PM Veterinary

We've heard them all before: this year I'm going to get in shape,  eat 100% healthy, or completely change as a person. New year's resolutions are of course great in theory.  Unfortunately, the reality is that within just a few weeks most people forget their proclamation, stop going to the gym altogether, buy their first takeout burger of the year, and slip right back into old habits.

However, it doesn't have to be this way!  Working in the veterinary field is difficult enough without placing unnecessary pressure on yourself to revolutionize your life.

Our advice? Set smaller, more realistic goals. And don't overwhelm yourself by thinking you have to complete them ALL in January.  Set a new goal each month and see if you can carry it on to the next month.

Here are 12 simple resolutions for vets, techs/nurses, and veterinary staff in 2019:

January: Spend 5 hours per week doing something for yourself (yoga, meditating, painting, anything you love or have wanted to try but never have)

February: Give one compliment a day to a co-worker (personal or professional)


March: Pack your own lunch everyday


April: Do a 5K run or walk

May: Volunteer

June: Read a book (or join a book club!)

July: Do 5 hours of CE

August: Make your bed every morning

September: Make your own coffee instead of picking it up on the way to work



October: Take the stairs instead of elevators/escalators

November:Wake up 15 minutes earlier every day (and see how much it helps keep your morning sane!)

December: Organize a 2020 New Year's Resolution list to share


Tell us: What does your list look like?


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