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No, I am not going to be a veterinarian

Jada Lewis, CVT Apr 19, 2016 12:00:00 PM

For the majority of veterinary technicians and veterinary nurses, we did not pursue our careers based on the fact that we want to become veterinarians (otherwise, we would have just gone to school for that). There are some that make the leap, but it is definitely not the majority. So, why is it so hard for others to understand this? 

It really can be annoying when people think becoming a vet is your next big move. It comes off as though being a veterinary technician or veterinary nurse is not enough. 

Do these same people ask human nurses if they are going to "move on" to become a doctor? Probably not. veterinary software

Besides, (and no offense) veterinarians don't do any of the fun stuff. They get tasked with prescribing meds, performing surgery, diagnosing diseases and paperwork (tons and tons of paperwork). On top of it all, they are the ones to have to deliver devasting prognoses. 

I enjoy educating clients on new kitten care, nursing parvo puppies back to life, taking a challenging x-ray, placing a difficult IV catheter, monitoring anesthesia and diving deep into a blood smear. Vet techs really get to do a lot of fun stuff that would make me resent being a doctor if that is what my initial intentions were. 

Plus, the amount of additional schooling and loans would be devastating. It's bad enough as it is, but I am not one to be a slave to school work and debt.

I admire veterinarians every day. They lead interesting and often difficult careers that I just would not have the patience to do. While I love them to pieces, I am not ever going to become one. That is not what most veterinary technicians or veterinary nurses intend to do. And, there's absolutely no shame in that.

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