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Onsite Implementations

Kat Milcke, RVT Feb 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Part of the reason why Smart Flow is so great, is that it’s really easy to use. This means that it’s relatively simple to get it up and running in your clinic yourself, with the help of one of our amazing (and talented) onboarding specialists. These guys help you get set up with Smart Flow from A-Z, completely remotely. They help you upload your inventory, improve your work flow, show you how to set up your templates, and even help educate your staff. Our onboarding specialists are truly awesome. However, there are some situations where it’s even better to have two of Smart Flow’s staff travel to the clinic in person, to help lend a hand.


A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to go on an onsite implementation, to help a large clinic go live with Smart Flow. Dr. Ivan and I went to the clinic to spend two full days with the staff, making sure that everyone was trained well and was comfortable using the software. We were there, along with a team from EzyVet, to make sure that switching the staff over to using the combo of two programs went smoothly. 

Can I just stop for a minute and talk about how cool it is that I, as an RVT, get to work for a company that lets me go to different clinics around North America and work in them for two days? I learned so much from the way that hospital was run, it’s unbelievable. I saw new equipment at work, a top of the line surgical suite, as well as machines and little tricks that I’ve never seen in my emergency practice. It was amazing to be able to chat to fellow technicians about their standard procedures and how they run the show in their neck of the woods. So not only did I get to go to a place I’ve never been before, but I got to meet tons of smart and interesting people, and immerse myself in their workflow for two days. Plus, as a bonus, I got to be around animals in a clinical setting again. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been in practice due to health issues, and I do miss it often. It was really nice being able to be ‘behind the scenes’ again, so much so that I didn’t even mind the typical post-anasthetic disoriented whine of the two Beagles that were surgery patients!



Moving on.

The first day was a lot about getting set up, making sure TVs were in the right spot, the iPads were set up properly, and identifying work flow. Once work flow was identified, Dr Ivan and I had a better idea of how to manage the workflows to improve efficiency, but also who to train first. It was really neat to see how much everyone was itching to pick up an iPad and unleash Smart Flow on the clinic. We ended up training each ‘section’ individually, so ICU was trained, then surgery, etc. Most of the people that we trained were very excited about Smart Flow. Those that weren't, we won over by showing them all the neat little tricks Smart Flow has to offer. And besides - wo could hate a program that does all your highlighting for you? And your calculations? And lets you have an electronic flowsheet? Not to mention the electronic anesthetic sheet! Do I even need to keep going?


Unleash the vet techs!

On the morning of our second day there, and the first official day of allowing iPads to be used, the most amazing thing happened: the technicians just… got it. Every one of them had an iPad, or was on the computer, figuring things out. They were even helping each other figure things out! It was a great, and very joyous moment for me, as their novice teacher, that they picking up the iPads and just ran with them.

Surgery that day went smoothly, as did the treatments for all in patients. The technicians were helping the veterinarians deal with their new technologies, and everyone was very open and responsive to being taught not only a new patient management system in Smart Flow, but also a completely new electronic medical record system in EzyVet. A huge kudos to the entire team - they learned everything with open minds and a lot of grace and patience. By the end of our time there - not only did I end up picking up some ticks and tricks to Ezyvet - but my presence was no longer needed as everyone there had made great progress in learning the ins and outs of Smart Flow.

This is not only a huge testament to how wonderful it is to be an RVT and get to travel around to different clinics, but also a huge testament to how easy it is to use Smart Flow. If it's possible to go into a clinic with just two employees and train 30+ people and get them to use Smart Flow with ease by the end of day two, then either we're great teachers with astounding pupils, or it's a combination of that and a great, easy to use, make-your-life-a-whole-lot-easier software, that every clinic deserves to have. 


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