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Patient care: more than just cuddling puppies

Samantha Toy, RVT Jun 22, 2018 11:58:00 AM Veterinary, Vet Tech

When people picture life in a vet clinic, we all know what comes to mind.  Happy puppies bouncing around in one pristine exam room while playful kittens chase a toy on a string in another. And some (very rare, very precious) days, this is true. But guys, the truth is, veterinary medicine is HARD. 

Veterianrian Clinic

As a veterinarian, your patients can’t speak, the days are hectic, and a beloved family member’s life is in your hands. You often get bitten, scratched, peed on (or worse), and being responsible for  such an important part of people’s lives often takes a heavy emotional toll on the entire veterinary team.  The question all veterinarians and their team members ask themselves on a regular basis is, “Did we do enough?”.

At Smart Flow, our goal is the same as that of our veterinary colleagues: to make patient care the utmost priority.  We are helping veterinary clinics around the world make their patient's experience in the hospital the best it can be, whether it's for a vaccine appointment or an emergency surgery.  Yes, of course we love helping vets, but even more so, we love helping the animals they treat on a daily basis.

So, who are we?  Comprised of a team of veterinary professionals who aim to challenge the “status quo” of the way veterinary practices are run, Smart Flow uses technology to make the everyday work of a vet team easy so they can optimize the time they get to spend with their patients.

How do we do this? 

1. Getting rid of paper

Geting Rid of Paper

The life of many veterinary staff members is full of printing, scanning, and attaching paper files.  We thought, what if they didn’t have to do this at all?  Imagine the time it would free up to spend with patients!  And because everything is based “in the cloud” as opposed to a paper clipboard, the veterinarian is able to access his or her patient's status any time, from wherever they are (we’re sure much to the chagrin of their significant other- we’re sorry, spouses). 


 2. Making surgery less stressful 


Surgery Less Stressful-1

Bringing a pet in for surgery is probably the most nerve wracking part of being a pet owner, and our aim is to make both the surgical monitoring AND the client update processes seamless.  Usually when an owner calls in for an update on their pet, the receptionist will track down a member of the surgical team and get a verbal update to pass onto the owner.  This can result in a very nervous pet owner waiting and wondering on the other end of the telephone just what is happening with their pet.  With Smart Flow, that same receptionist simply has to look at their computer screen for a real-time update on any patient in the hospital.  No need to put anyone on hold.  Plus, by using a digital anesthetic sheet, every patient’s vitals are meticulously kept up to date, reducing human error and allowing the nurse to focus on the patient (not the paper).


 3. Ensuring everyone gets their meds on time


taking medicine in time

It’s not uncommon in a busy veterinary hospital for things can get a little behind.  Nurses are often running around trying to keep on top of everything.  We want to make things a little easier for them, all the while ensuring that the patients in their care receive their required treatments, procedures, and medications on time.  Instead of a plastic whiteboard, Smart Flow clinics use a digital TV display which shows in real time which patients are due for treatments at any given point in time. This not only makes the nurse’s daily work infinitely easier, it also improves the patient care for every pet in the hospital.


Veterinarian Commited

Being part of a veterinary team is a true commitment.  For those with the passion, heart, and empathy it takes to survive in this field, we salute you.  To the clients who place their trust in veterinarians every day, we thank you.  And to the patients who inspire us to keep improving, we hope we do you proud. In short, our goal at Smart Flow is to help in every case to make the answer to “Did we do enough?” an unabashed “yes”.



Check out Smart Flow in a real life clinic! 


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