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Should you ask for a raise?

Jada Lewis, CVT Jun 2, 2015 1:58:39 PM Vet Tech

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Although asking for a raise can feel scary and be completely intimidating, if it is warranted then you should have no fear in asking. Knowing the right time to ask depends on your situation. Consider each of the following points and if you fall into multiple categories, it just might be time.  

1. You haven’t had a raise in a long time, or EVER!

Time alone should not be the only reason to ask for a pay increase, but it might be the first one. If you have never received a raise or it has been quite a while since your last review, then you might be due. However, before assuming you deserve one, keep on reading.

2.  You’ve acquired new skills

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Learning a new skill, such as a dental block, might prove your value. Show your employer how you are saving time by not having the doctor or other technician perform these skills for you anymore. Show them that you are an effective team player!

3. Your responsibilities have increased

Recently, your employer has put you in charge of tracking inventory or training the new hire. These are extra responsibilities that along with new skills, can really add value to your desire for a raise. Keep track of the extra duties you are in charge of and present them in your written request for a raise.

4.  You were promised

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Many employers forget they had promised a raise at a certain point in your employment, therefore it might be a good time to remind them. Ask for a review and a discussion about your pay. However, being demanding will likely not be favorable.

If your employer is not able to offer you a pay increase at this time, do not be disappointed. You could also bargain for more vacation time or additional pet benefits. Show them that you would like to be more appreciated in some way, and negotiate for recognition that could satisfy both parties.


When did you receive your last raise? How were you able to convince your employer you were worth it?


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