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Should I leave vet med behind?

Samantha Toy, RVT Apr 17, 2018 11:08:00 AM Veterinary

Throughout my time in vet med, I've heard countless fellow technicians (and admittedly, the voice inside my own head) say that they don't know if this career is for them anymore. Most of us do the same things every day in practice. It's easy to get bored if you don't have the opportunity to test yourself or learn new skills.


Whether it's the desire to experience another avenue of veterinary medicine or go back to school and strive towards another career altogether, the thought of abandoning post has crossed many minds. And yet, most people continue on at their practices, caught in a vortex of wondering what else is out there and a looming sense of guilt for even allowing this option to be a consideration. 


Most of us have wanted to be in the veterinary field all our lives. When you are considering leaving your childhood dream behind, it can feel like a monumental disappointment. The key is valuing what you've gained so far. Carry the knowledge you have with you into your next venture. The pearls of wisdom that have been bestowed unto you by mentors along the way won't disappear.

There is a common thread among people in this field: a paralyzing sense of loyalty. We get attached to our co-workers, our bosses, and above all, our patients. I think that many vets or techs stay at their job because they feel as though leaving the practice would mean abandoning the house they have helped to build.  We stick around because we don't know what they would do without us, or (perhaps more-so) what we would do without them. The thing is, the only person you're letting down by not moving on is yourself.

bridgeI've been there. I know it's hard to leave behind your practice and venture out to trek unfamiliar territory. The fear of failure can be truly crippling if you allow it to take hold. What I've learned is how important it is to BE SCARED. It is easy to fall into a cushiony comfort zone of routine and "normalcy". While it is difficult to climb out of that pillow fort of predictability, it's necessary to grow. When you feel uncomfortable, that's when you are learning the most.

I'm not saying that everyone wants to or should leave their job. I had many happy years as a general practice RVT and am very thankful for those experiences. I learned invaluable lessons and made countless connections with people that will last a lifetime. But if you are like me and have had the urge to step out and try something new, don't silence that voice telling you it's time for something bigger and better. Just DO IT.  


Will you wonder if you've made the wrong decision? Probably. Will you stress over not knowing how to manoeuvre through your new course? Likely. Will you learn and grow and become a brighter, more exceptional you? Absolutely!

Have you taken the leap and left your position for a new opportunity? Tell us about it below!


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