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Smart Flow Sheet Team Apr 6, 2015 8:39:00 PM Advisory Lounge

Let's face it: some software programs just plain suck. It could be their lack of features, failure to be user-friendly, or a number of different qualities that make them an epic FAIL in their customers' eyes.  Smart Flow doesn't want to be one of "those" softwares.  We want to use our customers' ideas and suggestions to make our software BETTER! 

That's where the Smart Flow Sheet Advisory Lounge comes in!

We want to release new features that our customers want, and approve of.  By becoming a part of our Advisory Board, you will have a say in the features Smart Flow releases, right from the very beginning!

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Step 1:  Which one?

We will propose a list of possible features in a new blog post and see which one you say "yes!" to. 

Step 2:  Decision made

Based on your feedback, we will determine the most in-demand feature people want to see, and start mocking up a design for this feature.

Step 3:  Make it pretty

We will release the preliminary design (sketch and workflow) for the new feature.  Our Advisory Board will comment with their ideas of how to improve it.

Step 4: Get it made

We will send all the design feedback and ideas from our customers to the Smart Flow development team, who will put the feature into production.

Step 5: Put it into practice!

After all this hard work, it's time to use the feature YOU helped create!  You can then become a beta tester where you will continue to send us opinions on how the new feature is working for you.

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