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Kat Milcke, RVT Mar 16, 2017 8:00:00 AM Teamwork

The core principles of teamwork are all the same, regardless of what work environment you’re in. It doesn’t matter if you work in a vet clinic, an office, or at Smart Flow, the goals and foundation of teamwork is all equal.

For teamwork to be effective and smooth you want to:

  1. Set clear goals
  2. Hold yourself and your team accountable,
  3. Be supportive
  4. Train your team
  5. Reward your team
  6. Communicate openly and productively
  7. Be approachable

Fact of the matter is, trying to abide by these guidelines, while running a hospital and catering to clients can be hard. To make this easier, we have created a system that will help you not only to streamline your work and improve efficiency, but also be a team member.


Setting clear goals

With Smart Flow, setting clear goals is as easy as pressing a button on either an iPad or a computer. You can add tasks, treatments to flowsheets, or notes on medications from any iPad or computer, in clinic or out, and everyone will be notified thanks to Smart Flow’s cloud based system! It will even alert staff when a treatment is due for a patient with both an audible and visual notification.

Hold yourself and your team accountable

With Smart Flow’s signature function, you can ask your staff to manually sign for all treatments, or type in their initials. That way, if you dedicate a technician to a certain task, you will know if they have completed this task based on their signature. Be it giving a controlled drug, or supervising and anesthesia, asking your staff to sign for the things they do to a patient, creates greater accountability.

Be supportive

With Smart Flow, we’re here to help. With 24/7/365 support, we’re available to help literally all the time. If you have a support query, Smart Flow isn’t working the way you want it to, or you’re overwhelmed and need some guidance, you can submit a support ticket and one of our awesome support staff will get you a response within 10 minutes. Not an automated response, either. We have real people working all the time to help you get back on track.

Train your team

With Smart Flow University, your whole team will get trained on how to use Smart Flow from A-Z. We have a series of videos that are a minute to two minutes long that will help get everyone started using Smart Flow. The best part about it? You can access these videos at any time, from now until forever. A year after you go live with Smart Flow in clinic and you can’t remember how to create a new department? Just go into your Smart Flow University course and pull up the video.

Reward your team

With Smart Flow, there will be no more deciphering veterinarian hand writing, no more printing paper flowsheets, and no more scanning forms, converting them to PDFs and attaching them to patients’ files. You won’t need to pick up a highlighter ever again! You can create a new flowsheet for a patient with the touch of a button. You can even create templates with often used medication protocol, so that creating a flowsheet for a new patient is as easy as choosing which template you need. Can you imagine a world where paper is replaced by iPads and computers? Where you no longer have to think about whether that’s a 2 or a 3? With Smart Flow, it’s a reality.

Communicate openly and productively

With Smart Flow, everyone with access to a computer or an iPad can see what is happening in the clinic right now. No more yelling across the room about what patient needs what treatment. Simply add the treatments onto a patient’s flowsheet, or set them as tasks, and your technicians will know exactly what the patient needs. You can even add notes to parameters on your flowsheets, illustrating how to perform the indicated treatment. You can even access Smart Flow from at home, checking in on your patients on a day off, or overnight. Communication will never be more transparent.

Be approachable

With Smart Flow, even technology resistant staff will be able to pick up an iPad and be able to understand and use the system. Not only will our training videos help, but Smart Flow is an intuitive and user friendly application. Both the web app, as well as the iPad app, are easily used by all, no matter the technological aptitude.

Here at Smart Flow, we may be the best team member you’ll ever have. We are easy to use, integrate with any electronic medical system, and help make your clinic more efficient. Come visit us at today to book a demo with one of our awesome sales staff. We can walk you through how Smart Flow can be a team member in your clinic, too.

Smart Flow has got you covered, and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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