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Smart Flow loves the UK

Samantha Toy, RVT Oct 17, 2017 9:48:37 AM Veterinary

At Smart Flow, we have the pleasure of meeting people all over the world.  Having customers all over the globe has taught our entire team how veterinary practices work in every hemisphere.

Coming up in November, the Smart Flow team will be headed to England for our second annual participation in the London Vet Show. That being said, here are some interesting facts about how our friends in the UK work!


London Vet Show


1.  Many nurses locum at different practices to gain experience.


2.  Electronic Medical Records (EMRs in North America) are referred to as Practice Management Systems.


3. Veterinary technicians are referred to as Veterinary Nurses.


4. Veterinarians are called Veterinary Surgeons, and although they can choose to be called Doctor this is not as common as it is in other areas of the world.


5. Veterinary Nurses are very involved in the practice, often performing 2nd dog / cat vaccinations and running a variety of clinics (senior pet checks, weight clinics, puppy parties, and small animal clinics).


6. What North America, Australia, and many other regions refer to as a "general practice" is considered a "first opinion" practice in the UK.


Do you work in the UK and have anything to add?  Let us know other unique facts about your region in the comments below.


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