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Smart Flow: Say Goodbye to Scanning!

Kat Milcke, RVT Jun 29, 2017 10:38:22 AM

If you’re a general, first opinion clinic, how often do you send patients for overnight care to an emergency hospital? One a week? Two a week? One a day? Chances are it’s quite often. Now comes the messy part, finding and scanning all of the patient’s paperwork. Various consent forms, estimates, the patient’s flowsheet, the medical record. All things that need to be scanned. What about when a patient moves and has to change veterinary clinics? Then months or years worth of visits and surgeries and vaccination records need to be scanned and sent to the different vet. Even if you have an electronic medical record - you still need to scan all anesthetic records, all patient information that was in a paper file, all flowsheets from a patient stay in your clinic during the day. What if everything you did was electronic, right down to consent forms? Enter Smart Flow.

With Smart Flow you have the ability to do almost everything in your clinic electronically, either on an iPad or on the computer. Smart flow even converts all of the records into PDF, so you simply have to download them and send them to the new veterinary clinic via email.



Electronic Whiteboard

With the electronic whiteboard, you have a great overview of who exactly is in your clinic, where, why they’re there and what they look like. So at a glance, you can tell that Murphy, the German Shepherd puppy who is 12 weeks old, owned by Kat Milcke, is in run 3 because he is getting neutered today. Depending on which setting you have on your whiteboard, either timeline or task, you can also tell when he has treatments due during the day, such as a walk at noon, or you can tell what treatments and procedures he needs and how long he’s been waiting for them, such as having waited 13 minutes for an IV catheter. No need for a dry erase whiteboard that gets messy in 0.2 seconds, that you have to buy markers for every month and that gets smeared easily. Just a nice, clean, easy to understand and interpret, electronic whiteboard on a TV screen, placed exactly where it’s needed most.


Electronic Consent Forms

With our ‘Forms’ feature, you can now recreate all of your paper forms into electronic forms. They are completely customizable, and can even include any kind of text you like, as well as your clinic logo. You can even have an option for your clients to sign with their finger. If you have a new client admission form, you can even create a patient in Smart Flow by having the owner fill out all necessary information. You can make an unlimited amount of forms, and best of all, you’ll actually be able to read the forms, rather than having to decipher the handwriting!


Electronic Flowsheet


With Smart Flow’s electronic flowsheet, you won’t have to print out a generic form and fill it out manually (that means no more highlighter stains!). You can customize a flowsheet to each patient, and save templates for specific treatments and conditions. You can have a post surgery recovery template, a boarding template, even a parvo template. All medications can be saved at the doses you like, and q’s for TPRs and procedures are saved as well. With Smart Flow, instead of taking 10 minutes to create a flowsheet, it takes 2. As an extra - if you run blood work in your clinic, and it does NOT attach automatically to your EMR, you can take a picture in your Smart Flow, directly on the flowsheet, and it will save into your PDF!


Anesthetic Sheet

Normally, you have a paper anesthetic sheet, with a paper sheet with emergency drugs on it (if you remember!), and you have to manually write down values during surgery. You also need to write on the patient’s anesthetic record somewhere what drugs you gave, at what dose, and when (again, if you remember!). With Smart Flow, everything is electronic, right down to your emergency drug chart. You can save templates with saved drug protocols, so you don’t need to do those calculations yourself. Once you indicate that those drugs were given, Smart Flow timestamps that information, so you don’t have to guestimate how long it’s been since you’ve premedicated. If you have an integrated anesthetic monitor, Smart Flow can autopopulate the anesthetic vitals, but even if not, you’ll never believe how easy it is to fill out the sheet. And you’ll never forget those emergency drugs again!


Now, the flowsheet, anesthetic sheet, consent forms, medical records and any notes that you record get saved as PDFs, that are accessible at any time from the flowsheet, and at any time after discharge in your archive. Bonus, if you have billing turned on for certain parameters on your flowsheet, it will even send those directly to a PDF, so all the items can be manually billed for in your EMR (or automatically, if you have an integrated software!) Now, if a general practice asks for medical records to be transferred - all you have to do is download the PDF bundle, attach it to an email, and send it on it’s way!


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