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Smart Flow: Say No to Yelling and Yes to Better Communication

Kat Milcke, RVT Jul 5, 2017 5:57:43 PM

Do you ever yell in your clinic? I don’t mean yell at clients, because I know that we all wish we could do that sometimes. I mean yell across the treatment area to ask a fellow tech what needs to get done next. Or yell from your pharmacy to your doctor’s office to see what dose they wanted for the Hydro for the surgery patient. Or yelling to and from reception to see if patients are ready to be billed out or letting the back know that Fluffy’s owner is on line 1. Or even yelling for clarification of what is on the flowsheet because you can’t decipher the handwriting. Chances are this happens a lot in your clinic, if not daily. Wouldn’t it be great if we could change that?

Enter Smart Flow.

The yelling for the phone call on line 1

With Smart Flow’s whiteboard (which can be accessed from any computer or iPad!), you have the ability to view where patients are in the workflow, how long they’ve been waiting on a certain step, and if they’re ready to be cashed out or not. With our task based view, you can add a task for ‘ready to go home’, and until that task is the one with the timer on it - ie the patient is ready to go, reception knows, without having to yell to the back, that the owner cannot come back yet to pick up their animal. Reception also has the ability to viewflowsheets, without having to place a call on hold to go into the treatment area to look at the paper flowsheets. As Smart Flow has electronic flowsheets that can be viewed on any computer or iPad, if an owner calls in wanting to know how their animal is doing, reception can answer with just a few clicks of their mouse.

Task View .png

The yelling for doses

With Smart Flow, you can put drug doses directly on the flowsheet as you’re adding medications. It will even calculate the drug amount for you based on the dose and weight of the patient. Even better - if you use pre saved templates (which you can create an unlimited amount of), medications will be pre saved. So there’s none of the ‘Hey - what dose of hydro did you want for Fluffy’ because all you need to do is look at the patient’s flow sheet from any iPad or computer. It’s the same with anesthetic sheets - drug protocols for surgeries can be saved, taking the guesswork right out of what dose the doctor wants to use today.

PreOp Page.png

The yelling for help

I wrote a blog last week about the wonders Smart Flow can do for your shift change efficiency. Read it HERE. Same applies though during shifts - what happens if you are done with your patients for the hour, and want to see if there’s anything else that needs to be done? I’ll tell you what happens in clinics without Smart Flow - you yell across the treatment area to your fellow tech or vet to see what they need help. Whereas with Smart Flow - all you have to do is look at the whiteboard to see where things are at. You can look at the task based view to see how long patients have been waiting in exam rooms or waiting to be prepped for surgery, and jump in. Not only does that help your colleagues, but it shows initiative. You can also look at the timeline view and see what other patients need hourly treatments done, such as TPRs or medications, and as Smart Flow updates in real time, you don’t even have to worry about duplicating treatments!


The yelling about the handwriting

I’ll be the first to say that my handwriting is atrocious. So whenever I fill out flowsheets, it takes me some time to write neatly. And I have definitely worked with some vets whose handwriting rivals mine. With Smart Flow, handwriting doesn’t have to be an issue. Since everything is digitalized, instructions for medications, procedures, notes and flowsheets are all typed, making them clear and easy to read. Best of all, multiple people can view flowsheets at the same time, meaning there’s no more fighting over clipboards when the doctor wants to write their notes and you want to the 5 o’clock TPR. With Smart Flow, you can start judging for spelling, instead of for handwriting, and isn’t that much more satisfying?


So save your voice and get rid of yelling once and for all!


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