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Smart Flow System Security 1.0.0

Dr. Ivan Zak Aug 29, 2015 10:22:00 AM Advisory Lounge

While we are finishing first in kind Electronic Veterinary Anesthetic Sheet

This is an extensive description of Smart Flow System security feature as we see it and taken your comments into account.

Smart Flow Sheet


Create 5 categories of logins:

1. Doctor

2. Assistant

3. Tech/Nurse

4. Reception

5. Manager/Administrator

Each member in the clinic can have one or all five categories. These roles will be given according to the training course provided at the beginning of the On-boarding process, and then could be changed by the administrator on the “Settings” page.

Initials will also be added at this time (parsing the name and last name), and those are the initials that will be in the system for signature on iPad populating full name in the time-stamp of the medical record.

"Setting" page will regulate:

1. There will be a main big switch on the setting page: TURN SECURITY ON/OFF

2. Ability to block create/delete new meds, procedures, etc. from the iPad

3. Role assignment (if you want one nurse to be an admin, you can give her that right)

Setting page will be available to "Manager/Administrator" only.

Permission table:




Depending on the level of permission, the user will be able to perform certain tasks from the web (see table above).

This functionality will be available only if you are currently indicated as a staff member working on this animal and currently on duty. (Will be regulated by fields Dr. On Duty and Tech on Duty). Otherwise, regardless of the role you will be able only to observe things remotely. (from home or from any device other that the iPad in the building).

Everything recorded from the web will stamp with the logged in person's name (In the medical record PDF).

Website will log off within a time indicated by an administrator (5-10-15, never)

Will have two modes:
1. Treatment mode - is by definition.(no additional passwords, no logging off, and will be logged in by administrator)
2. Editing mode will be password protected and available only to Admin, Doctor category. The password will be the same as for the web.

There will be a switch in the “Settings” on the iPad where this functionality can be turned off and continue on the iPad as it is right now.

Signing off on medication:

We will keep the current picker (will add three letter picker if needed).

Each window will have an additional function - “Signature” that will allow to sign off on important things like narcotics, or confirmation of the whole treatment plan for the day. (See pick below)


This signature also will be available as a “Dedicated picker” and can be set as a “pre-defined parameter" through the settings page on the website.
(could be set as "a must" for all the narcotics and Dr. Sign off etc.)


In the future, we will review an option to have a fingerprint scanner. (may be a real slow down in the workflow)

So technically we are not changing much on the iPad, other than blocking editing mode (and this will block from overwriting the templates) and adding ability to personalize signature (or initials) for those hospitals where they think it is necessary.


Please let us know what you think and if there should be anything else added to these specks.



P.S. What do you guys think of our new branding?;) and if you're new here - please join our advisory lounge.

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