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Smart Flow's Anesthetic Sheet

Kat Milcke, RVT Mar 30, 2017 11:38:07 AM

As veterinary professionals, we all know what it’s like on surgery days in the clinic. The hustle and bustle of drop offs, talking to the clients to get consent and explain procedure. Calculating drugs and drawing them up. Testing the machines for leaks. Wrangling tiny or large moving targets to place IV catheters. Premedicating. Intubating. Getting them into surgery.

There are so many moving parts on a surgery day. Many different people with many different roles, working together for the safety of their patient. But don’t you wish that you had a bit of help? Here at Smart Flow, we’re here to help.

Did  you know that Smart Flow has an electronic anesthetic sheet available? It can help make your surgery days run smoothly and more efficiently, giving you more time to pay attention to your patient.

Zooming past the many ways Smart Flow can help make your intake and exam process for your patients, we can take a look at how Smart Flow’s anesthetic sheet can make your life easier.

The first thing you do when a patient requires surgery, other than an exam of the patient, is create a pre anesthetic protocol, and a surgery sheet. With Smart Flow, you can create a full anesthetic protocol, a surgery sheet based on procedure, as well as have your medications calculated for you, all in the press of a button. Okay, I lied.

It’s two buttons.

You can create surgical templates, based on the type of procedure, type of medication protocol or doctor preference. You can save as many different templates as you like, with different doses. Let’s say you have the same anesthetic protocol for a feline spay, and Fran the cat comes in to be spayed. You can pull up Fran’s file in Smart Flow, start an anesthetic sheet, and choose your feline spay template. Now, all the doses you had set will be calculated based on Fran’s weight. So you have your premedication drugs all calculated for you, as well as any additional medications you would like to give during surgery, such as metacam or cefazolin. Once you give these medications, Smart Flow can even record the time and your initials. This means no more guess work as to when exactly medications were given.

Anesthetic pre op sheet.png

Once induction agents are given, the surgical monitoring sheet can be started. Here, you can record vitals in a very clear, easy to overview fashion. Entering values is as easy as typing in numbers on a keypad; the symbols are mapped for you. If you have an anesthetic monitoring device that integrates with Smart Flow, we can even have the values autopopulate. There is no more trying to plot the symbols, no more guessing what the symbols mean. WIth or without integration capabilities, using the anesthetic sheet gives you more time to focus on your patient. Complete integration even frees up your hands. This is especially helpful during dental procedures. With Smart Flow’s full integration, you don’t have to worry about constantly recording vitals. This means less time under anesthesia for the patient, and a smoother procedure for you.


Let's for a second talk about what full integration with the anesthetic sheet means, and what it's like to be 'hands-free'. We integrate fully with a few different monitors, and the list is constantly growing. As of right now, we have integration with Surgivet, Bionet, DRE and Digicare. Full integration means that Smart Flow can pull information from your anesthetic sheet and populate the fields for you. You don't have to type in any further information, other than the occasional levels of your anesthetic agents and oxygen. But you don't have to worry about writing something down every 5, 10, 15 minutes. You can set the iPad down and focus all your attention on your patient. Doesn't that sound great?

What happens if you have a really difficult case, that you would like help with. Who do you consult? Your colleague veterinarian, your classmate, some research books? What if you could remotly consult a board certified anesthesiologist? What if you could do that via Smart Flow? Through Smart Flow's upcoming Telemedicine platform, you can remotely consult with board certified anesthesiologists from around the globe. You can ask questions about cases that you may have, design drug protocols together, or ask them to monitor the anesthesia with you. They can log in to your Smart Flow, and see the patient's anesthetic sheet update in real time, thanks to our cloud based system. Anything that you enter onto the anesthetic sheet, or gets autopopulated with full integration, they will be able to see and react to. This feature will be available soon, and we couldn't be more excited. Not only will you be able to switch between anesthetic monitors as your patient travels around the clinic, but you will be able to get objective advice with just a few clicks of your mouse. 

You can even indicate on the anesthetic sheet when you give other drugs, take pictures and videos of the procedure, or write notes for later. The best part is, that any given drug that you write down will be indicated on a billing pdf for that particular patient. This means not having to worry about charging it to the patient’s account immediately, giving you even more time to spend with the patient. Even emergency drugs, already calculated based on the weight of the patient, are always available to you.

Finalizing the anesthetic sheet takes just another touch of a button. From here, a complete pdf is created, with a screenshot of the anesthetic sheet, as well as the list of precalculated emergency drugs. Your preanesthetic sheet is also turned into a pdf for you, both for easy viewing and easy sharing. If your patient now needed to get transferred to a different hospital post op, sending a complete patient file (which is extremely valuable), can be done just by attaching a zip file of pdfs to an email. No more scanning in anesthetic sheets!

All this goes to show that surgery days don’t need to be a frantic chaos. You can have help from Smart Flow. The electronic anesthetic sheet can help your days run smoother, help you calculate medications, record vitals for you, giving you more time to focus on your patients’ health. After all - the patient’s health is why we got into this business, isn’t it?

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