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Smart Flow's Best of 2015 Blogs

Smart Flow Sheet Team Dec 31, 2015 10:00:00 AM Veterinary

The Smart Flow team has had an amazing year in 2015. This year we started our blog, added the advisory board and created so many new features. Our team members' blog posts have even been featured on Dr. Andy Roark's website! Before we move on to 2016, let's see the top 10 Smart Flow blogs of 2015!


Lessons Learned from Our Patient's: Sydney's Storysmart flow sheet

This is the story of one vet tech and her inspiring patient, Sydney. This one might require tissues. 


The Pros and Cons About Leaving the Veterinary Field

Ever contemplated leaving the field altogether? Here is one technician who did just that. 


12 Ways to Rock Your Next Jugular Blood Drawveterinary software

These are great tips for newbies or anyone have a hard time with that every so trick jugular blood draw. 


7 Ways to Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week

These are easy ways to show your veterinary technicians your appreciate for all their hard work and dedication.

#6 & #5

Vet Life Hacks Part 1 and Part 2smart flow sheet

Technicians from across the country shared their ingenious methods of re-using hospital items that would have otherwise been discarded. 


How My Vet Tech Teachers Ruined My Career

Teachers greatly influence their students, but no one really considers that they could actually ruin your career for you. See how Anna's teachers ruined her vet tech career. 


How Being a Vet Tech Ruined My Pets' Livessmart flow sheet

You might think you improve the life of your pets when you are vet tech, but the reality is you are probably ruining their lives. 


What NOT to do in the Veterinary Industry

These are great tips for keeping your sanity and extending the life of your veterinary career.


smart flow sheet9 Reasons Not to Get Into Veterinary Medicine

Believe it or not, there are reasons why veterinary medicine is not for every animal loving person. 



Thank you to all our blog subscribers and supporters for making 2015 a great year for Smart Flow!


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