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Smart Flow's Flowsheet

Kat Milcke, RVT Apr 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM



We all know the pains of a regular piece of paper flowsheet. First you have to print it out. Then you have to handwrite the patient's information in, or put a label. Then you need to get your pen, calculator and highlighter, and fill out the medications, TPR q's, plan the bathroom breaks and feedings. Then you need to make sure you're writing everything in carefully, making sure your handwriting is neat and legible. You also have to make sure you highlight the right hour, because having to throwout an entire sheet of hardwork and start over is the worst. Doesn't it seem like there should be a better way? With Smart Flow, there is. 

Smart Flow's Flowsheet is where Smart Flow was born: to ease the daily struggle of having to fill out flowsheets. Think about it this way, if your technician spends 10 minutes making a single flowsheet, and you have six patients that night, that's an entire hour spent making flowsheets, that could have been better spent taking care of patients. Not to even think about the monetary value of the pens, paper, printer ink, highlighters and actual time spent highlighting. 

Smart Flow's solution is a simple, easy to use, electronic flowsheet. Creating a flowsheet is as easy as pulling up a template. Medications, fluids and diets will be calculated based on the weight of the patient and on your predetermined doses. Creating a template takes 5 minutes, and can be done from both an iPad and a computer. All you need to do is enter in your q's for TPRs, your medications with doses, and certain procedures you would like to be done.

Filling out the flowsheet itself with values is just as easy - you can do it from either the computer or the iPad. On the iPad, you can even have either a drop down menu list, a numerical wheel or an initial wheel appear on parameters for even easier use. Need to change something you wrote? No worries, put away the white out and just delete what you wrote and try again. You can even add notes directly from the flowsheet. You can also add an IV catheter size and location, which will turn red after 72 hours to remind you to change it. 

Screenshot at Apr 16 22-48-49.pngMade a mistake with your highlighting? You can either erase it or move it. You no longer need to scrap the entire page and start from scratch. Worried about your handwriting? No need, as everything is electronic. Concerned that you may have to change the template halfway during the visit, for example from an outpatient treatment option to an inpatient option? No problem, you can change the template at any time, and have it start immediately, or anytime in the future. Your old information will even remain on the flowsheet as discontinued, so you know what has already been done. Worried that only one person can access the flowsheet at a time? Being that Smart Flow is a cloud based system, not only can you access the flowsheet from any device that has a working WiFi connection, but also multiple people can access the flowsheet at the same time. Plus everything updates in real time! 

Smart Flow's flowsheet is just one of the great things about Smart Flow. What's not to love? It saves you time, money, and gets you even better patient care. To hear more about what cool features we have, I encourge you to sign up for a demo by clickingHERE. One of our awesome sales staff will be able to walk you through what Smart Flow is and how well it would work in your clinic. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me to

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