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4 Ways to Survive Veterinary Staff Meetings

Smart Flow Team Aug 17, 2018 4:35:00 PM
If you've ever had to host a meeting, you understand how terrifying it can be. Will people show up? Will they listen? Does anybody care?
Here are a few tips to keep people from mindlessly staring at their phones and engaged in your meeting. 

1. Make sure there's food

Nothing gets people more pumped up at meeting than food. The only downfall is that it can be somewhat distracting, but definitely not as distracting as a cell phone. 

2. Keep the conversation moving forward

The best meetings run smoothly because there is an agenda, 7they are organized and it moves forward.

If your meetings have a habit of getting off track, set a timer per topic and then move on. Make sure you have a form of accountability to keep you on track.

veterinary staff meeting

3. Come armed with possible solutions to your concerns (otherwise you are just whining)

In a meeting where you need to address some issues or negativity among your team, always bring a solution. It is great to make the team aware of issues, but make sure you include several solutions to turn the issue around. 

4. End with positive and motivating feedback for staff

If your meeting does require speaking about some not so positive issues, make sure you at least end on a good note. Share a story of a postive patient experience from the week or an employee who went above and beyond. 

At the end of the day, meetings are a very important part of team communication. Be prepared, have an agenda (and definitely snacks) and you will be more productive than you previously thought.

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