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The Crazy Things Veterinary Clients Ask Us

Jada Lewis, CVT Aug 13, 2015 10:00:00 AM

They say the only guarantees in life are death and taxes, but in veterinary medicine the crazy questions are also a guarantee at some point in your career. Here are the interesting, gross and crazy questions we get asked...often. 

1. Can you get these ticks off?

That hardly seems like a crazy question, but the crazy part is when they point to the dog's belly. A simple lesson in anatomy would reveal that these are not ticks, but indeed are nipples. 

2. Can I get that behavior vaccine? Smart Flow

Wouldn't that be nice? A quick fix for unruly and misbehaving pets in the form of a vaccine sounds amazing. The problem is that they are referring to the distemper vaccine which unfortunately will do nothing to make a dog behave better. 

3. Will garlic work ok?

For cooking? Yes.  However, it does nothing for fleas, ticks, aches, or pains. Natural remedies are becoming more and more popular everyday, but let the veterinary community tell you what works and what doesn't. 

4. My dog needs to experience sex and birth before getting fixed, right?

No, no, they do not. I can assure you that first of all they do not NEED this and secondly....just NO! 

5. Can you help me perfect a vegan or vegetarian diet for my cat?shutterstock_193741760

The answer again is....NO. And this not because all veterinary professionals love meat and we get paid generously from pet food companies to sell only their food. Nope, we are a rather poor group of people that understand that cats are obligate carnivores. They need meat. 

 6. Can I catch an STD from my dog?

Really? Why are you asking this? (You may need to keep an eye on this guy!)

7. Did I get this from my dog? (Points to worm in a bag, rash, scratch or other gross human body part)

Possibly? The thing is, you should really see YOUR doctor, not your pet's. 

It is quite entertaining the things we hear on a day to day basis. We all wish our clients would steer clear from Dr. Google and other untrained people handing out free veterinary advice. We're just glad when they show up and ask us those questions to get the correct answers!

What crazy questions have you heard more than once?


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