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The Problem with your Plastic Veterinary Whiteboard

Jada Lewis, CVT Oct 6, 2015 1:30:00 PM veterinary software

When most practices push into the ‘paper-light’ or ‘paper-less’ world they oftentimes do not think to replace the messy, dingy veterinary whiteboard. After all, it is plastic and not paper.  There are several problems practices run into when they convert to less paper and more technology and fail to take along the whiteboard. Here are some problems you may be encountering with your Outpatient or ICU whiteboard as we speak! 

1. It remains stationaryveterinary whiteboard

Without paper in your hospital comes the incredible ability to access files from any location in the hospital at the same time. The board, however, hangs out in the same location. This causes techs and doctors to run to it instead of staying where they are at and letting the whiteboard come to them!

2. It is messy

We all know and love (but mostly hate) the chicken scratch that comes with being in the medical profession. It tends to happen a lot on the whiteboard too. The era of less paper means less handwriting and easier to understand medical records and treatments. The board can also be part of a world of better handwriting!

3. It is ugly

Spruce it up how you like, but eventually the board gets worn, broken and a battered. It has at some point fallen off the wall, accidently written on with permanent marker and cracked. 

So what is the solution? An interactive, cloud based whiteboard is the exact answer! It can be accessed from iPads, desktop computers and displayed on a TV. It can be viewed at the same time, on diffferent devices and synced automatically. Want to see how it works? Click the right whiteboard for your clinic below: 

For ICU/Treatment whiteboard, click here:

veterinary whiteboard

For Outpatient Whiteboard, click here: 

veterinary whiteboard

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