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The Pros and Cons About Leaving the Veterinary Field

Jada Lewis, CVT Sep 29, 2015 2:49:44 PM

It was 2012 and I did it! I finally left the veterinary field. I left my veterinary career behind and it felt empowering! It was also extremely scary. For the last few years I had had a skill, a real skill that was somewhat defined and measurable, but I tossed it aside and tried something new.

smart flow sheetI was fortunate to start working for my husband as a mobile notary. I had freedom, a larger paycheck and no one giving me a hard time if I didn't look completely busy every second of every day. It was pretty amazing for the first few months.

However, this weird catch 22 feeling kept sinking in. I missed the actual technician work, but the thought of trying a new clinic out again revved my anxiety. I had been deeply scarred.

My story ends 2 years later with our notary company sinking amidst a government shut down, a struggle to find a daycare for my 8 month old baby girl and extreme sadness over losing our business, and being unemployed. 

I began the brutal hunt for a new job. For several weeks I came up empty, and couldn't even land an interview. Had my name been tarnished? Were people afraid I'd been out of the game too long? Fortunately, I only needed one interview and landed the job of my dreams. I now work from home, writing these fun blogs and working for Smart Flow. So here's the breakdown:

The pros about leaving the field: veterinary software
Feeling of freedom
Expanding my horizons
Gaining different skills
Feeling less guilty about everything

The cons about leaving:
Feeling regret or missing out 

Missing patient care
Being out of the loop
Skills getting rusty

The take away: In my situation it was absolutely worth the risk to leave the field. Even though it was very emotional, I believe overall I grew as a person and as an employee. I have a new found respect for entrepreneurs, and business management.

The key, (if possible) is to have a solid plan for your time away. Have a job lined up and let yourself relax. Finally, don't feel bad if you never want to return to the veterinary field. Many people leave, and never return. 

Have you left the veterinary field and returned?


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