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The Simple Answer to Reducing Missed Charges in Your Veterinary Clinic

Jada Lewis, CVT Dec 3, 2015 4:26:40 PM

I was browsing through the internet, searching for ideas of how to reduce revenue loss through missed charges which was completely boring and a waste of time. This is because I am confronted with the reality that there is no easy way to do it without technology. 

Smart FlowThere's the recommendation to double and triple check travel sheets, audit records at random, or change your approach to charging altogether by billing for things you had not considered before (i.e. blood draws or IV catheters that get chewed out). The last point doesn't even technically deal with reducing missed charges, just charging for more things in general which I am not sure most clinics need to do. 

Recently, I was introduced to the idea that clinics hire liaisons. While I am not sure what their exact job description is, they have a huge interest in double and triple checking charts and charges. All the while they get paid more than technicians do (quick, see if anyone has a spot open!).

The problem with any one of these methods is that you are paying someone to research your charges and to keep doing it over and over again. You are paying a hefty salary to someone with the hopes they reduce revenue loss. It is not even guaranteed that this will reduce missed charges, but yet you are guaranteed to pay that extra wage.

In this day and age you must realize there is a better solution that only costs a tiny fraction of a salary with the added benefit that this solution doesn't take time off for holidays, vacation or even sick days. 

What is this genius solution I am speaking of? Why of course it is Smart Flow.veterinary software

Composed of electronic treatment sheets, anesthetic sheets and interactive whiteboards, Smart Flow is the only complete workflowoptimization system that works side by side with every practice management system.

Smart Flow will track all of your patients' hospitalized charges without having to sift through chicken scratch, add up volumes of drugs administered or wonder if the treatment was actually completed. 

Smart Flow can be your new liaison. Dependable, accesible and easy to use, you will not be disappointed. 


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