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The Ultimate Solution to Tracking Charges

Jada Lewis, CVT Jun 16, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Nothing is more frustrating than missing charges or billing a client incorrectly. Smart Flow is a great tool for tracking charges when a patient is hospitalized. We've recently added a new PRN billing feature that will help your staff be even more precise.

First off, when tracking charges in Smart Flow you already understand that the billing tab needs to be turned on from either the iPad or desktop computer.




smart flow billingThen, every time you mark that treatment complete on the flow sheet, it will show up on the billing form.

Up until now, you've been limited to a single quantity of the item or the dose that is calculated. 

Many have argued that it would be better to allow the user to enter the amount of an item used in the cell if it is different than 1 or the dose calculated. 

This ability now exists! Let's see an example:

If you have a patient that was calculated 0.5mls of Hydromorphone:


However, you only administered 0.25 mls. Now, just enter 0.25mls into the cell on the flow sheet:


Then, on the billing form, Smart Flow will only charge for 0.25mls (even the billing form has been freshly updated!)



Now, your Smart Flow billing is very precise!

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