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Things We Wish We Never Saw in Veterinary Medicine

Jada Lewis, CVT May 18, 2016 9:30:00 AM

There's one thing that is for certain in veterinary medicine, our jobs are rarely boring and we usually get to see lots of very interesting cases. However, there are many things we wish we never ever had to see. 
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Vegan cats
   -This might be suitable for humans, but      never for cats.

   - Fake testicles just can't be real, can it?

Health instructions from a breeder

   - Unless the breeder has the initials DVM behind their name....just no.

Rashes - on a human

   - We'll definitely check out your pet's rash, but definitely not yours!

Worms - from a human

   - Again, that's just for your human doctor to determine.

Xtenda leashes veterinary software

   - Worst invention ever.

Dog buns

   - While this might be the hair trend in men these days, it is definitely problematic for dogs.


   - The prevention is so easy that it is bewildering how rampant this disease is. 

Items in vomit

   - Finding used condoms, tampons and underwear is always a treasure.

Vaccines from a feed store
   - I mean, do you vaccinate your children at a gas station?

   - This lands solely on the owner and there's just no excuse.

Homemade raw diets
   - Controversial? Yes. However, we can all agree the ones without any thought
      behind them is just a little crazy.

Recreational drugs
   - Just tell me what your dog got into and I swear there'll be no cops involved.

   - It might be hard to prove it sometimes, but if we never saw a potential neglect 
     case again, we'd be quite happy. 

What things do you wish you never saw in your vet med career? Share below! 

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