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Top 5 Blog Post our Veterinary Patients are Reading

Jada Lewis, CVT Oct 27, 2015 3:30:00 PM

It appears that at times, our veterinary patients are too smart for their own good. If they could read, these would be the top 5 blogs they would be reading right now!

smart flow1. "4 Signs you are on a road trip to the Vet"
You heard them say we're going to the park right? But, we went right past the turn...

2. "Carriers: Fun lounge area or death trap?"
It looks interesting. It could very easily be a cozy little cuddle campsite, but don't let the comfy blanket fool you. 

3. "I Survived the Cone of Shame"
It was so embarrassing, this huge thing surrounding my head day and night. Then, there was this itch that I just could not scratch...

smart flow4. "How people make you fat"

One moment you are clawing yourself away from these people who are trying to tell you to calm down and the next thing you know you are inside this clear box getting sleepy. When you wake up you are feeling a little lighter, but end up getting fatter. How is this possible? 

 5. "5 Reasons to use your teeth"

The gripping pull of your neck skin you remember only as kitten has come back to haunt you again. Except this time it isn't mom! It is time to bite!

I am thankful that our patients cannot read as it would complicate our jobs even further. What do you think our veterinary patients are reading?

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